Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My First Day in Primary School

My First Day in Primary School

14 June 1965, Monday. My father was smoking hukka and mother was working inside the house. I was playing alone in the small courtyard in front of our house. I digged two small pits and then making a drain between them and pour water to see it goes to the other side.

Suddenly, I saw my friend Raman in new cloths, tika on forehead and wearing a black cap holding finger of his father Pashabhai going towards his house. Hey Raman, where are you coming from? From School, his father replied. He has been enrolled in a primary school.

I looked at my father and demanded my enrolment in the school. But the response was cool. I started crying and forcing him for my enrolment. Finally he called Naranbhai, a distant relative living 3rd house away from us to go with me for enrolment.

Thursday being considered good for education, Naranbhai and I went to Rajpur School No.2. I reached to my dreamland. We were discussing, how should my name to be registered. Generally, it is to be written Punambhai Khemabhai. But I had a special feeling for myself. I said it should be different and sound well. Finally, we concluded with name Punamchand Khemchand.

But admission denied day as my 5 years age yet to be completed on 30 July. We again went next day and requested the principal that I am very eager to study. Finally, I was allowed to sit in a class of Teacher Menaben without registration.

I was happy entering into the class. A picture of monkey holding balance and two cats sitting besides was painted above the blackboard. I was sitting in the first row. Menaben started taking attendance. She was calling names and pupils one after another saying 'Jai Hind' to mark attendance. I was eagerly waiting for my name, and getting ready to say Jai Hind. But I couldn't as my name was not there in the register. Every day I used to wait for calling of my name but ending up in unhappy mood. At last on 28 July 1965, I heard Punamchand Khemchand. It was a call of my favourite teacher Menaben. The whole of my existence cheered. I replied 'Jai Hind' loudly. The spirit of Nationalism given by my parents started singing.

From that day onward, the light of God growing for its destined path.



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