Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Youths feel ashamed of living with parents

Youths feel ashamed of living with parents

People love relations. Females are more than men, therefore men are in great demand. Marriage life get disturbed to many as half the couples change their partners. Men feel to fly free after 40.

They love their parents but live in divided family. Once a youth become adult he/she lives separately from parents. He/she do borrow money from parents to take house. Youths feel ashamed to live with parents as it is considered incompetency of handling once own affairs!

Children don't bother about their parents till they work and sustain on their own. Govt gives social security pension of approx 369 euro per month to the aged and retired.

In last days, son/daughter do take care of their parents. They keep them in old aged homes if afford the cost. Mostly old aged homes are preferred in case of mental illness.

Mostly a middle class society, living with basic necessary comforts.

29 August 2014

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