Saturday, March 28, 2015

We are undivided family

We are undivided family

Do you have feelings of separation? Separation from the body? Separation from others? Religions, Nations, Colours of skin, Politics, Castes, etc have divided the humans.

We are tethered to all with the tie of the mind or the knots of heart. Sometimes we feel joined and in the stage of depression feel apart. But these are psychological knots. 

Are we separate? Separate from our body? Our family? Our Nation? Our world? Our Universe? From the objects of the Universe, i.e. the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, etc? 

No. Not at all. 

All creatures and objects have influence on us. Space is not disconnecting element, therefore influence of stars on us is not merely in a mechanical manner as the law of gravitation does but a very very living and organic manner.

The way, all creatures in the Sea are united through Ocean of water, all of us living on earth are united through the Ocean of Air; similarly all are united in the Ocean of Brahman, the Absolute, the Being.

The ties of the mind or the knots of the heart, the psychological knots by which we are tethered to earthly experience, break immediately, when we enter into the ocean of Being, the Ocean of nectar, the Ocean of eternity. 

How to enter into the Ocean of Brahma? Intact we are in it. The question is to realise it. How? There are means.

One must see purity, hear purity, touch purity, think purity, and sense purity. Practice self control through fasting. Live in Brahamcharya, to live as Brahman. Practice Maunam, not speaking, silence of all the senses, on account of the contact of the Atman which is the Supreme Silence. Meditate, to withdraw senses and mind and centre consciousness, the Brahman. 

One can walk a little, but the master key Guru necessary to instruct because those try through mind and senses are unfit to contact or enter into the Ocean of Brahman!

We are One in the Ocean of Brahman.

We are one and undivided family.

28 March 2015

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