Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Miracle Happens

Miracle Happens

Today is Janmashtami, Birthday of Bhagvan Shree Krishna. I wish to share one story of my parents of the year 1954.

It was a deadly decade (1944-54) of poverty for my parents. Mother was a great Bhakta worshipping Kanaiya days and nights. His grandfather was a Guru of Ramanandi Vaishnav Gaadi of Kanpir Gambhu. His father told her to remember God in time of hardships. Father, non doer of regular worshipping developed love for Lord Krishna in the company of my mother. His heart was calling Shamliyalal, shamaliyalal. God was the only shelter for them as no body helped those days.

It was pious month of Savan, 1954 AD, Friday afternoon. Varundev was pleasantly showering rains. As per annual practice Mahabharat Pathan was performed every day at our house. Mother was on fast. My parents were sitting in varanda remembering their Shamaliyalal Lord Krishna. "O my Lord, Come and help and bring out us from this pains of poor life, where children are dieing in want of medicines."

Suddenly a tall sadhu wearing white cloths came to the door. Bachcha kise yaad kar raha hai? Their doors were always open for Sadhus, baggers even in days of hardships. They welcomed the Sadhu. He asked for a cup of tea which was served immediately with love. He drank whole glass of tea in a fraction of a second though it was hot. Bachcha kya dega? My father had a habit to offer cloth to Sadhus. He told him to stay for a while so that he brings a cloth for him. Bachcha nahi milega, Sadhu told. But my father rushed to Ambalal shop at Kamdar medan to get it. The shop was closed as it was off day of Friday. He returned and regretted. But suddenly remembered an unused khadi towel in the house. He offered it to him with love. Bachcha tere achche din aa gaye, the Sadhu gave ashirvad and left.

Suddenly my father realised that he was not an ordinary Sadhu normally he meets. He just ran towards the way out, but the Sadhu disappeared in seconds. My father searched for him for hours but he couldn't meet him again. Their Lord Kannaiya Shamaliyalal came, drank tea, accepted a cloth, showered blessings and went.

With in few days of the event, the mill closed for a decade, suddenly started. Laxmiji entered into the house. My father won first election uncontested. Mother gave birth of my elder brother. He was named Kanaiyo. Hard work in life continued but poverty gone. Achchhe din started.

My parents remembered that visit of their Lord throughout their life till their last breath in April and May of 2001.

His blessings has changed our life, we believe.



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