Monday, March 9, 2015

Nose, the indicator of Life

Nose, the indicator of Life

Our skeleton is made from pieces of bones but joined with muscles. As we grow older the lubricants in the joints emptied, the bones decay and we start getting discomforts of life in walking, moving or resting. The body parts at which we never looked at carefully, now check them everyday. The edema in joints make our life poor and the sounds of joints make us unpleasant. But until life light is on we get going.

Let us look at the Nose.

If something puts our nose out of joint, it annoys us. Our prestige is linked with our Nose. Even the spouse is identified with touching the nose. Cutting one's nose physically or verbally is the most offensive insult of a man.

Nose, the pathway of life air (Pranvayu), is one of the important parts of our body.
When it comes to nose in action, it reminds us irritating sound, the unpleasant Naad of snoring of our near and dear ones. Take care because there is positive correlation found between loud snoring and risk of heart attack.

When I was teenage, a Babaji gave me some tips of Samudrashastra. If the Nose of an old man tilted to the left, the life line of that person is in danger and the departure may be nearby, within 6 months.

As we grow older and our bones decay, the joints of facials bones including nose septum get affected. Due to edema or malfunctioning of lungs or aorta, the septum deviate. Deviated Nasal Septum (DNS) is a mechanical fault and need attention. It has direct connection with cardio vascular and lungs diseases. It affects the inhalation and exhalation of life air (pranvayu) that is 21600 cycles in a day. If one of the lungs receives less oxygen in a process it weaken the cardiac and lungs functions in a long run. If your nasal septum is deviated, you are probably walking on the path of dangers.

Therefore, follow your nose. Keep the nose clean. Don't turn up nose. Don't look down at nose but lead by nose so that you win the life by Nose!!!

Please attend the problem of DNS on priority.

Surely, you have touched it and checked😄 Enjoy life.

9 March 2015


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