Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Indiscipline India, arise, awake, walk for the pride of India

Indiscipline India, arise, awake, walk for the pride of India

One Jijabai gave us the greatest warrior of India, Shivaji Chhatrapati. And Hiraben gave us Shri Narendra Modi, the PM of India.

India is a country of 'Youngs'. Average age of the country population comes around 35 Y. Developed world is busy in management of olds and promotion of pregnancy.

But when you take a walk around the country in the morning hours millions of youth don't wake up till 8 or 9 am. They are deprived from O3, dawn chorus of birds, twilight colours and morning beauty of mother earth. The youth not ready to leave cot in morning hours of energy, how do they walk on the path of hard work and patriotism? Brahmmuhurta for many a sex muhurta.

Our PM rightly said, if the youth doesn't get perspiration 3-4 times in a day, how could they digest food and become strong? TV programmes made our children and youth docile and our women quarrelsome. "Swatantrata has been replaced with Swachhandata".

Governments are spending huge budgets on free or economical education but the brains drain. Hundreds of PHCs in India are without Doctors and private practitioners are multiplying. Children of doctor houses become business doctors coming through payment seats. Indians are spending one the highest out of pocket money in the world for health services.

One of the major reasons of Russian strong breed is their Mothers. Mother (matar) in Russia is the most respected person. (Russian language has many Samskrit words and their grammer is the same like Samskrit).

Have you seen the colourful dolls of Russia? It is called Matrusksya. Males died in thousands in wars. Mothers saved their race and culture. Their genes are so strong that the children of Russian women are Russian in colour and look even if they marry Indians or Africans! Mother is the greatest teacher. On weekends, you see mothers in museums teaching lessons of history and bravery to their children. After 12th, it is compulsory for all the youth to stay and work with Army at borders for 2 years. There after they complete their graduation. As a result all of them are seen one when it comes to national pride.

People work till they die in developed countries.

But here in India, many schools find it difficult to get students in NCC. Happiness in India means laziness. The best job/work means earning without working. 60+ become senior citizens, sitting and advising. Bicycles have been replaced with bikes. Rural youth are migrating to cities and increasing slums. Villages are becoming old age homes. On one side shortage of farm work labourers increasing and other side educated youth feel shame to do physical labour. Educated youth means non metric, metric, and BAs in millions. Unskilled and un-enterprising.

Need for a "Tiger Leap", a big change to "Make India" following path of Swami Vivekananda, "Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached".

8 September 2014

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