Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Need for a change in Archeology Approach in India

Need for a change in Archeology Approach in India

Since childhood, I see all historical buildings and monuments with curiosity and feel the greatness of our country through the work of sculptors, artisans and rulers. I hate the brutal acts of destructions of these great buildings by the invaders.

Recently, I have an opportunity to visit Peterhof (palace) in St Petersburg. The building was badly damaged by the Germans in WW-II. But Russia made it new in the original shape. Chathedral of Christ the Saviour destroyed by Joseph Stalin to take away its 2 MT gold in the name of making a new monument of Russian Pride. He couldn't make it but Russia made the Chathedral in its original form with people's contribution in a decade time after fall of USSR in 1991.

Most of the countries are putting their buildings in original position, though they were damaged or distroyed by the invaders.

Our normal buildings are get repaired and maintained regularly.

But when it comes to buildings of ancient or medieval time, archeology norms have blocked the buildings in their last condition. Most of such buildings were destroyed or damaged by the invaders. New generation will love to see Nalanda, Khajuraho, Konark and Modhera Sun Temples, etc in their original form. If temple like Shiv Temple, Bhojpur (MP), left incomplete by King Bhoj, why can't the present generation complete it?

If we re-build Somnath Temple, can't we make our heritage buildings in their original form again? There is a need to relook archeological norms.

If they are remake in original styles and designs, we the people of India will love to fund to remake them in remembrance of our greater past. Generations to come will be inspired through these monuments.

7 September 2014


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