Saturday, March 7, 2015

What will you Plant?

What will you Plant? 

There is a phrase in Gujarati, जेवु वावीए तेवु लणीए। Harvest what you plant.

Now you know that we are drops of consciousness (gyan swaroop) in the waves of Chaitanya/Brahman Ocean (Maha Prabhu/Mahadev). 

Just imagine about a farm owner. It is his choice what to sow in his farm. As you know; Crop Selection, Land Preparation, Seed Selection, Seed Sowing, Irrigation, Crop Growth, Fertilizing, Harvesting, all matters for a better productivity and production of a crop. 

If the farmer cultivates wheat, he will get wheat. If he cultivates Potato, he will get Potatoes. If he plants mango tree, he will get mangoes. If he plants rose, his farm will be beautify with roses. If he plants thornes, he will get thornes. 

Similarly, we are the farmers of our Chaitanya farms, it is individual choice to cultivate virtues or vices. If we plant ill feelings for someone, we are spoiling our farm. That season/moment is lost in jealousy or hatred. Remember, it is Chaitanya Farm of GOD field, therefore the results are avashyam bhavi (inevitable). If planted negatives, fruits are negative. If planted positives, fruits are positive.

Our life is the mouth of a well in the Ocean. Like an ONGC well, go on fetching. ONGC well may get emptied but this well will never. It's a continuous manthan from the Chaitanya Samudra. Whatever we desire, good or bad, it comes out. Therefore be careful when the thought emerges. Our aim is nectar but if run after the worldly desires (mohini), may lose nectar and get poison.

Let us care for our Chaitanya Farm, small but beautiful, located within the Ocean on infinite possibilities. Each moment is important. Tick tick tick tick... dying. 

All are dhani (wealthy) here. Varna, Caste, Creed, Religion, Post, Sex, Status or other barriers can't stop us from sowing our farm. It is our freedom to sow and harvest crops of our choice. 

What will you plant? It is your farm and you are the owner. Will you care for Crop Selection, Land Preparation, Seed Selection, Seed Sowing, Irrigation, Crop Growth, Fertilizing, Harvesting?

Hurry up, nobody knows when the life light goes off; and nobody knows, when we return. 

Therefore, Plant what you wish to Harvest.

7 March 2015

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