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Beware of wife, she can curse the husband, even if he is God himself.

Beware of Wife, she can curse the husband, even if he is a God himself.

Pushkar is a holy pilgrimage for Hindus. According to legend, Brahmaji selected this place for Tapa, after fall of lotus over this land. And when the Yagya muhurt came after thousands of years, Sarasvati didn't reach in time due to miscommunication by  Narada, the son of Lord Brahma and devotee of Lord Vishnu. Wife is needed to offer ahuti for the yagya, and the muhurta was going away, therefore Gayatri was married to Brahma to perform the Yagya. But wife is always wife, like a knife. She went away and stayed away up on the hill and angrily cursed Brahmaji, that he will be worshiped in Pushkar only.

The ancient temple with Chaturmukhi (four mouthed) Brahma is attracting thousands of pilgrims. People perform rituals in Pushkar lake. According to the legend, the lake was formed by the tears of Lord Shiva after the death of his wife Sati. 

It has 52 ghats, built by Kings and Shahukars. Now tube wells are the source of water for the lake. Another Buddha Pushkar lake is also dried up. Otherwise, it used to supply water to Ajmer and Jaipur in British days. 

September to March, the place is crowded with foreigners. 70% of the tourists are foreigners in these months. They come here, enjoy the feel, the dance, the food and weather of the area. Pushkar is also famous for "Camel Fair" in November.

Pushkar is very famous for its sweet dish, "maalpua". Made from Rabadi (milk item), the sweetness of maalpua gives you in heavenly taste. After getting tired of moving in the area, a glass of jaljeera, one must sit at the Sun set point at the shore of Pushkar lake, and enjoy meal in lovely open area in front of the restaurant. With watering mouth, one enjoys the dinner with maalpua, followed by mixed vegetables, tandoori roti, daal tadka, bundi rayatu, salad, butter milk, etc makes your day complete. One can enjoy Rajashthani, Punjabi, Chinese, Italian food with joy. 

Chitrakut Dham is a nearby place worth to visit. Gujarati Pathakji, a civil engineer from Ahmedabad, and disciple of Shri Morari Bapu, has developed the area and established a 11 feet whole Shivlinga (union of Shiva and Parvati) with Hanuman (11th Rudra of Shiva) in "Mangal Moorty" posture seating on it is an unique darshana. The temple is named "Chitrakut Dham". One must visit. He came here as pilgrim, but found the "swaroop" while meditating at this place, made the place beautiful. He made the campus green and with recycling of every drop of water, the water table of the area rose up to 135 feet where he and his family lives. It is a path of "lupta Sarasvati river", he explained. 

Do visit Pushkar, a beautiful place near Ajmer. And remember, not to displease the wife, otherwise, even God can't save you from the curse! 

28 May 2015


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