Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Good Teacher Really Matters

"A Good Teacher Really Matters" 

Education is a primary means to upscale human capital to address issues of growth,  unemployment, poverty, productivity, etc of the Country.

"No child left behind" a lead policy statement by an American President is applicable for all nations.

Each country is trying different models.  South Korea (Tutionisation); Sweden (Vouchers to every child); USA (Charter School); Spain (Voucher Schools); Brazil (basic education linked to development index, implemented by municipalities); India-Pakistan (Private Schools).

India overcome problem of enrolment (now 95%) and some what basic literacy, but mean education, quality of education and employability of youth after education are still major issues to be addressed. Read text by Class/Std, going down in India with ratio of 1/200 v/v world figure 60/200. India rank one of the highest in carrying top 5% and bottom 5% of world population. 

Governments are building/providing infrastructure of school rooms, drinking water, toilets, power supply, computers, text books, scholarships, teachers, MDM, etc but students are moving towards private school questioning quality of education in public schools. English learning is one of the major factors for a preference of private school.

Those afford expenditure, are sending children to private school as well as they pay taxes to run public school where children of poor are studying.

Survey tells that Parents are intensively engaged in education of their children. They discriminate with smartness of a child (son or daughter) and place them in private/public school.  They are in search of quality and employability.

What is missing?

Bonding between Students and Teachers missing.  Barring few teachers, Government schools are working mechanically. 

Small inputs on students quality of education.

26% of teachers (teching hours) are not in scholl due to busyness in other jobs or absenteeism.

Teacher pay is not linked to productivity.  It is difficult to get rid of poor teachers.

"A good teacher for 1 year increases life time income of students by $2,50,000!

Demand has been generated but supply side need re looking.  State Centric solution or Private-Public coexist? Financing of education can be separated from delivery of education. For quality assurance, standardised way to tell parents about good schools with reference to employability, placements and value addition.

What is Educational objective? Enrolment? Quality? Equity? Content/curriculum? Cost?

Children with severe learning disabilities are to be separated? or continue normal schooling? or addressed through integrated learning?

The policy makers and administrators may address all these major issues but provide "good teacher" on priority either through public school or private school as "a good teacher matters more than infrastructure in quality learning of students".

A Good Teacher really matters. India needs its "Guru" culture back on track.

1 Nov 2014, WDC

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