Saturday, May 23, 2015

LBSNAA Mussoorie my Home

LBSNAA Mussoorie, My Home

LBSNAA, a "Home" for all IAS officers of India is getting better.  Located in the mid mountain range of Himalayas, is one of the best spot of the County that generates ideas for India Development. 

Tons of thanks to that NGO and the Supreme Court for staying cutting of trees. The green cover that was getting white become green again.  The nature is growing fast to cover remaining mined spots of human actions. Growth of India brought money and vehicles for Indians, now flooded here and polluting the air of mal road and Mussoorie by vehicle emissions and spreading dust in the atmosphere. Some drainage or pipe line work is in progress, looting away the pleasure of walk on Mussoorie roads. Library Point, Picture Palace, Company Garden, Camel's back, Campty Fall, the shops, local innocent people, all remain intact to give a feel that even some one drop you from the sky without telling the name of the place, you will instantly recognise with first breath, its Mussoorie, my Home.

Remember those days of 1985-86, living in Happy Valley, Kaveri, Narmada, Ganga hostels with own arranged bedsheets, pillow and rajayee; drinking heavy water though filtered, fighting with cold with single cable room heater; taking bath many a times exchanging buckets from neighbours; voh pani chay ki chuski, proxy attendance in Rana's PT or extending sleepasan in 'savasan' in yoga classes; eating in a transitional mess in sports complex; and shouts (o Gangawalo... bahar aao) of piyyakad parties on Friday and Saturday evenings; classes and stiff course director, loving Dada Benerji, all emerging like it happened yesterday; 29 years gone like 29 days.  A sweet memories of building us an integral part of IAS, the uniting wire of making India. 

The campus become more attractive now with new buildings of Gyanshila (Nehru Hall, Lounge, Mess); Sampurnanand Hall (replaced the Sleeping Probationers Hall, SPH); New Mess, New Library, Gymnasium in transitional mess building, Maha Nadi Hostel with 5 star facilities, renovation of old hostels, sports complex, pathways pavered and covered with top (umbrella free), attractive campus with high level cleanliness; disciplined, young, sober and cooperative new generation manpower, always ready to serve you; good numbers of faculties; "Smart Probationers", LBSNAA, our Home is now more beautiful.  Run and join us. Its beautiful weather, Sun rays fill up pleasures in our hearts, and the food tastes delicious. 

We enjoyed the welcome evening in casual wear with drinks, food and 'sadabahar' old hindi songs. I missed once again trying 'single malt'!. Songs sung by Vishvas Mehta, Naveen Prakash and Shamlal Goyal and a good try by Surina, Kiran, Kalpana, Veena; dance treat by Vipin Saxena made the evening young and enjoyable. In 50s enjoying reshmi julfai, sarabati aankhe; Jagdish and all jooming in dream world!

The classroom lectures are better than USA made us feel proud of "My India". The Intellectual World Power India, if determines can throw away poverty in dustbins, clean it up to the highest standard, provide better health, education and housing to its millions under inclusive growth strategies. O, money makers, money investors, and power centres;  be trustees of India's wealth and culture, make our India free from pains and sorrows.  



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