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Dhanushkodi, the place of Hanuman Jump

Dhanushkodi, the place of Hanuman Jump.

Dhanushkodi, the last land of Indian at the sacred confluence of the Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean, and where my legs were unable to leap for a metre; a divine monkey Lord Hanuman took a jump of 18 nautical mile in search of Devi Sita, the wife of Lord Rama, some 10,000 years ago. Engineers Nala and Nila constructed a bridge Ram Setu for the transport of the army of Lord Rama.

It is very difficult to believe a man's giant efforts of searching and rescuing his wife with the help of the army of monkeys and beers. Rakyabhisek of Vibhishan, the younger brother of Ravana by Lord Rama, near Dhanushkodi, was an act of diplomacy to defeat the strongest enemy. Insult of Vivhishan by Ravana and him joining the side of Lord Rama, was one of the major causes of the defeat of Ravana, because Vibhishan unveiled the secrets of the strength of Ravan's army. It is a great lesson of diplomacy, many follow in present days politics.

The place was connected by rail and road till 1964. But they were destroyed in the cyclone of 1964. Neither rail restored nor roads in last 51 years. Some road work is in progress.

One can reach to the last destination on land by traveling 12 kms on sand through freewheel keep of Mahindra. We did it by paying Rs. 1300 for the trip of 3 hrs. There are forewheel mini buses, that can charge Rs. 50/head but move as per their will taking maximum passengers in the bus.

If not keen to travel on sand, one can have darshana of Ram Temple and return after traveling 16 kms from Rameshwaram.

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