Saturday, June 20, 2015

The 3rd Eye

The 3rd Eye

3rd Eye is the aim of all Sadhaks in search of knowledge, the perception beyond ordinary sight. We have two eyes, then where is the 3rd eye? 

There is an eye of knowledge. Otherwise, how could Ms. Benno Zephine, 100% visually challenged girl became the first IFS officer of India?

Millions of students are going to schools and colleges in the world. But their understanding and vision varies. The same class room, the same books, the same teachers, but their learning is different. Why? Because the seer is different. Two eyes are the instruments to see but the seer, 'I' vary for each individual. It may be called the subtle body of the jeeva. 

But one more seer behind it, the inner eye. Whatever we do, it is watching. Not through the physical eyes but through the eye of knowledge, the mind's eye, the 3rd eye.

How could you found it? Many tried through meditation, focusing concentration at the centre of the forehead little above the junction of two eyebrows, aiming at Agya Chakra with closed eyes. Lord Shiva is very well known for his 3rd eye. People meditate and wait that the 3rd eye like physical 2 eyes will open one day. And many couldn't find. Yes, the concentration power do increase.

The simple meaning of an eye is to see. It is very easy to see pictures through eyes but impossible to see the eye through one's own eye. (Don't bring mirror please!). But one eye is witnessing each and every action of us 24x7. It is the 'I', 'Soham', 'tatvam asi', the divya chakshu, etc. 

Once you understand the concept of the 3rd eye, and if it clicks, one can unite with it, in a nemo second. And thereafter slowly, slowly, with continuous witnessing, one can enter into the stage of higher consciousness. 

What will happen?


You will become "trikal gyani". You can see the past, present and future. Because you have merge in the universal existence. Your 3rd eye, witnesses only you, now witnessing the acts in the Universe. Therefore, many Saints see the future events and described through Bhajanas. 

When machines (TV, Computer, media, etc) were not there to meet with the curiosity of knowledge of the humans, some were using the power of 3rd eye to experience the power of the universal consciousness. 

Would you like to open your 3rd eye? It is already open. Easy. Just to bring your attention to the 'I', that is watching you all the time, whether you are in dark or in light, whether you are awaken or in sleep. And observe it continuously. See your eye through the same eye. Difficult, but not impossible. After all we are the seed of the Almighty God.

The 1st eye is physical eye, the 2nd eye is eye of reasoning, and the 3rd eye is the eye of knowledge, the awareness.

Shubham Bhavatu Kalyanam.

20 June 2015

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