Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Jats

The Jats

Jokes on Jats are very popular in North India. Amar Singh Jat was telling to his wife. Today, I have betted and I am going to win. The wife inquireded about the bet and found her husband betted for 2 plus 2 equal to 5. You have lost because the right answer is 4, the wife told him.

No no. I will win because I will not accept any answer other than 5. Manunga to Harunga? He uttered.

A warrior community turned into agricultural, known for it's non compromising nature is living in the Jat land, spreading from Pakistan to Northern India upto UP.

They are likely heirs of Kurus of Mahabharata, as they carry many customs and traditions of that time.

With Muslim invasions, those accepted the change of faith became Jat Musalman, now living in Pakistan. Those opposed became Jat Shikh, living in Punjab-India and those remained unchanged are Hindu Jat living in Punjab-Haryana-Rajasthan-UK-UP. Their faiths changed but the culture of firm opinions remained unchanged. Manunga to Harunga? They have courage to call a spade a spade.

In Jonsar Bawar area of Uttara Khand, some traditions of Mahabharata time still exist. The eldest brother marry for himself and also for his brothers. Now in few cases, one wife may serve all brothers. The children say bapu to the eldest and others are called chhota bapu. It is mainly to avoid partition of land and properties.

I have found "vandha (single) register" in police stations of Bagpat during my election duty. It was kept for detection of murders of Vandhas as they are in the high risk zone of murders. If a Vandha tries to marry, the eldest brother may kill him.

People drink milk a lot. They are fair skin (pink, rose) and very healthy. A glass of milk in one hand and jaggery in another, a sip of milk and a bite of jaggery, is a luxury of this land.

Hukka is a part of their culture and an instrument of social custom. People who violate customs are punished by stopping their hukka pani.

Some are governed by Khap Panchayats. Same gotra marriages are prohibited and Inter caste marriages are generally not accepted.

Some correlate Jat tribe of Sindh with Jats of North India. But I think they are different. The previous are called जत and the later are called जाट. The जत women are famous for their embroidery and the जाट women are good at their house hold and farm activities.

Jat is a male dominated society, where "bahu" has to obey commands of elders and to live as per customs that control their freedom and empowerment. However, the women of Jats are very powerful. The same "bahu", when become "sasu", commands as power centre!

With due respects to my Jat friends. You are free to add some Jat jokes.

11 June 2015


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