Monday, September 17, 2018

Monsoon Herb Aghedo (Apamarg)

Monsoon Herb Aghedo (Apamarg)

Aghedo known as Apamarg in Sanskrit is a pungent but a famous plant in Ayurveda used as purgative, diuretic and in the diseases of dropsy, bleeding piles, boils, skin eruptions, colic, toothache, painful menses and asthma. It’s roots are used as astringent and seeds are used as emetic and in hydrophobia and in enlarged spleen. It is anti inflammatory. It is mentioned in Ayurveda that if the roots of Aghedo is tied in the waist or pined in the hair amboda of a pregnant lady on the day of delivery, the delivery becomes normal. 

It is a natural salt, therefore, I was searching for it’s use in correcting lipid profile and removing blocks. 

In Gandhinagar, the Capital City of Gujarat plenty of Aghedo plants come up in Monsoon every year. In monsoon the plants come up from the earth and by Sharad-Diwali it gives seeds. 

Nature can’t grow herbs without meaning. What is the use of the Aghedo seeds in Sharad? Sharad (Bhadrapad) is a season in India in which many humans die. It is a season of diseases. रोगाणाम् शारदी माता। It is Mother for the Doctors and Vaidhyas as they earn the maximum during Sharad season. वैध्याणाम् शारदी माता। 

In Varsha (monsoon) the Pitta (heat) in the body accumulates. And in Sharada, it explodes. Therefore, Sharad is a season of fevers. To prevent it, our ancestors found out the use of milk to control the pitta. Therefore, Shraddha Parva is celebrated as ritual to pay homage to the diseased with offering of Khir made of milk and rice. Khir controls the pitta and saves us from fever and death. It is considered blessings of long life from the ancestors. 

How to use Aghedo, a hot herb in Sharad? 
If Sharad Khir made with Aghedo seeds, it becomes a medicine, perfect with the cooling agent milk and rice. And to my great surprise, this Sharad Khir and Adgedo seeds, the natural salt removes blockages of heart, brain and all other parts of the body. If it is cleaning the atherosclerosis, what a wonder! My heart pumping went down to 50 last year rose up 55-60 after taking Aghedo Khir for 15 days during Shraddha Parva. We used to collect fresh Aghedo seeds everyday during our morning walk. With the removal of the waste materials from the arteries, the LDL came down and with the smooth flow of bloods into all the arteries and veins, the major organs functioned well. 

What else does one need?

Take out seeds from the Aghedo plants around you, make a tasty Khir and enjoy the morning of the Sharad Ritu. 

शतम् जीव: शरद:  

15 September 2018


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