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Stay with the season

 Stay with the Season

Human body is made of five elements of nature, but the three elements between sky and earth play important role. They are air, fire and water represented as vata, pitta and kapha. Each individual is dominated by one of these elements and is governed by the nature of that element. If you are Vata dominant, you will be very talkative; if you are kapha dominant you may be lazy; and if you are pitta dominant you may be short tempered but affectionate. However, keeping this basic make in mind one has to review the seasonal and day time changes happening in the body because of these three elements. The atmosphere and food matter the most to maintain a good health. 

Winter is a season of deposition of Kapha, Summer increases Vata and monsoon of Pitta. Three of the panchkarmas of Ayurveda are designed to attend these seasonal changes. Vaman (vomit) is performed in Spring so that it removes deposited kapha of winter. Vayu deposited during Summer is balanced by Basti at the onset of Monsoon. Pitta deposited during Monsoon is corrected by Virechana at the end of monsoon around Sharad Purnima. 

Asian cuisine and diet are adjusted with the seasonal changes by our ancestors and therefore kitchens in Asia are called the Ayush Centre at home. Home Kitchen gives good health and longevity if runs as per rules of Ayurveda. The nature is so kind on its children that it grows vegetables and fruits as per the seasonal needs. Take an example of brinjal and mustard which are hot in nature, remove kapha; therefore available in plenty to enjoy Bengan Bharta, Saraso ka Sag and Rayata are eaten more in Winter. Summer is governed by cooling agents made of milk products and less gaseous food. The digestion is weak in rainy season, therefore fasting in monsoon season is advised by all religion. If you do mismatch of eating bengan bharta and rayata of mustard in Summer, eat cooling agents in Winter and over eat in Monsoon, you are inviting diseases. Imbalance Vata-Pitta-Kapha are the major causes of our health and mental problems. 

How smart our ancestors were! They made a calendar of festivals in such a way that the seasonal food becomes a way of life. The food dishes prepared were matching with the health needs of human body. Chaturmas restrictions of monsoon are followed by Jains and others when the digestive system is weaker. The deposition of energy is done by eating healthy and wealthy food in winter when the digestive system is the best. Hindus have adjusted their lunar Calendar with the Solar system so that their fasting month of Savan falls in monsoon. Muslims continued following lunar cycle, therefore their fasting month of Ramadan migrates throughout the season. It is easier to fast in monsoon but difficult in summer.

It is noticed that those living longer are punctual in their daily routine and careful about the food they eat. They are their doctors. Apart from DNA and basic make of the instrument (body) the food, breathe and water make or mar the health. 

It’s chilly winter this year, enjoy hot food and hot drink (water😊). Stay safe, stay blessed.


16 January 2022


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