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Valmiki Tirth in Amritsar

 Valmiki Tirth in Amritsar 

There is place called Valmiki Tirth near Amritsar. There was one ancient temple of Sita-Love-Kush. It was place of Valmiki Ashram. Sita was exiled by Lord Rama after heating the criticism of the people of Ayodhya. Lakshman following the command of the King left her in the forest area of this landing the dark hours of evening. Pregnant Sita wonder around the place and found an Ashram of Sage Valmiki where she took shelter for rest of her life. Valmiki was a Brahmin, son of Pracheta, the brother of Vashistha and Bhrigu. The Govt of Punjab had developed the site in a big campus of temples, statutes, buildings and ponds in 2016.

There is a legend of the birth of Love and Kush. As Sita was pregnant when was exiled, she delivered a baby boy, who was named Love. One day, when she was going to fetch water, she kept the new born in the cradle and told Sage Valmiki to guard him till she returns. But after walking few steps she thought that the Sage is of the habit of going into meditation and wild animals may kill the new born, therefore she returned and took the new born with her. After a while when Sage Valmiki looked at the cradle it was empty. He was worried for Sita and therefore made a baby of grass, injected life in it and placed in the cradle. When Sita returned after fetching water, she saw a baby in the cradle and was surprised. Sage Valmiki told her how the second babt took place. He was about to remove him by his mantra power but Sita said that she would look after both the sons as her own. The second boy was generated from कुशा (grass), therefore he was named Kush. 

Love and Kush were the two brothers, tied the Ashwamedh Yagya of Lord Rama and fought the battle. It is said that the city of Lahore was founded by Love as he was ruling this part of India. 

King Dasharath and Kaikeyi had a daughter named Shanta. There is a legend how Sita was responsible for her second exile in pregnancy. I shall write some other day. Ramayana is not a scripture but an epic, therefore, each region has its own version of Ramayana. 

7 February 2024
Valmiki Tirth, Amritsar 


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