Friday, August 25, 2017

Four Firkas of Jains and Paryushana

Four Firkas of Jains and Paryushana

Jainism Dharma is divided into four Firkas (sects): Digambar, Swetambar, and within Swetambar: Sthanakvasi (no idol worship) and Deravasi (worship idols). The Sthanakvasi are further divided into two: sthanakvasi and tera panthi. Digambars are also idol worshippers, the eyes of the idols are closed. The eyes of the idols are open in Sthanakvasi Derasars. The male saints are called Sadhu in all the sects but the female saints are called Mataji in Digambars and Mahasatiji in Swetambars. Digambar sadhu live nude but Mataji wear cloths. 

Digambars are 10 lakshana (virtues) and Swetambar are 8 lakshana (virtues). Therefore, their Paryushan Parva is for 10 days and 8 days respectively. Paryshana of Deravasi starts on 12th day of Savan Krishna pakeha and ends on 4th day of Bhadrapad Shukla. It starts on 13th day of Savan Krishna and ends on Bhadrapad Shukla Panchami for the Sthanakvasi. For Digambars, it starts on Bhadrapad Shukla Panchami and ends on Bhadrapad Purnima after 10 days.

Paryushana means abiding and coming together, ends with Kshamavani (forgiveness), greeting with michchami dukkadam to each other. They do fast, perform prayer and follow Five vows (mahavratas): Ahimsa (non violence), Satya (truth), Asteya (non stealing), Brahamcharya (chastity), Aparigraha (non possession). There are further seven minor vows the households to follow. The Parva is for self purification and spiritual upliftment.

8 days Paryshana parva is linked with 8 Karmas: 4 ghati karmas and 4 aghati karmas. The four Ghati karmas are: Jnanavarniya (Knowledge obscuring), Darshanavarniya (Perception obscuring), Antaräy (Obstructing), Mohniya (Deluding, attachment-hatred). The four Aghati karmas are: Name (body determining), Gotra (status determining), Ayushya (age determining) Vedniya (feeling producing).
The ten virtues of Digambars are: Kshama (Forgiveness), Mardava (Tenderness or Humility), Aarjava (Straight-forwardness or Honesty), Shsucha (Contentment or Purity), Satya (Truthfulness), Sanyam (Self-restraint), Tapa (Penance or Austerities), Tyaga (Renunciation), Akinchanya (Non-attachment), Brahmacharya (Chastity or celibacy).
There are sub detailing of each karmas. And all the karmas fall in these eight categories. One may attain Kaivalya by removing four layers of four ghati karmas over the Atma. And can get Moksha (salvation) after further removing the four aghati karmas. 

The base of the Jain Dharma is of self introspection and to remove the layers of dirts, ignorance and karmas over the Atma. It doesn't allow to harm others or to obstruct others joy. It is the acceptance of present life without complaints. It is a path for the followers, how not to build new nodes of karma and to attain Kaivalya before death of the body and Moksha after the death. However, many rituals edge over the knowledge, deviating them from the main goal of salvation.

Happy Paryushana and Michchhami Dukkadam to all. 

25 August 2017

Monday, August 21, 2017

Don't underestimate the power of bullet

Don't underestimate the power of bullet

Two bullets fired by Gavrilo Princip, a 19 years old youth, member of 'Young Bosnia' on 28 June 1914, took the life of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir presumptive to the Austro- Hungarian throne and his wife Sophie, led directly the WW-I on 28 July 1914.

They were six killers, settled at different locations en-route of the visit of the Franz Ferdinand and his wife to Sarajevo to open the state museum. The first two assassins failed to act but the third threw a bomb on the motorcade at 10.10 AM, but it was bounced back and exploded the next car, wounding 16-20 people. Franz Ferdinand and his wife were saved, they reached to the Town Hall and attended the function under stress. The Governor failed in managing their further protection from attack. They changed their planned programme and decided to visit the hospital where the wounded persons from the bombing were admitted. The Governor changed the route but failed to communicate to the motorcade driver as his assistant was in the hospital. After the failure of the first attempt of assassination, Princip was waiting to act on the return journey of the Archduke. Little confused he crossed the road and returned. The driver of the motorcade followed the original route and when he turned off the Apple Quay, the Governor from the second vehicle called out and told him to reverse and take a Quay to the hospital. The driver stopped the car to revert, but in front of them Princip was standing. Before the driver backing up, Princip opened two fire, wounded mortally the Archduke and his wife. The couple died while being driven to the Governor's residence for treatment. Anti Serb riots broke out, Europe went into shock, Serbia didn't accept all the demands of the ultimatum given by the empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war against Serbia, Germany joined Central forces. France and Russia joined the Alliance. There after, the war was joined by other countries to settle their border issues, ended up with deaths 20 million people and with plantation of seeds of WW-II in the treaty of Versailles. One bullet of Princip took away 20 million lives, beautiful world was destroyed and the history and geography of many countries were changed in 20th century.

Don't underestimate the power of bullet. It has killed Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and changed our history too.

21 August 2017

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Swaine Flu, Care and Caution

Influenza is unpredictable. It is zoonotic infection sharing gene from pigs, birds, humans etc. The virus is known to  drifts antigenically yearly and shifts every 10-40 years with pandemic potentiality. It was initially seen in humans in Mexico in 2009 and thereafter, spread in many countries of the world. Pandemic was declared over on 10 August 2010. 7 years completed after the declaration and and now it is circulating as seasonal flu.

Influenza A (H1N1), (H3N2) and influenza B are common strain in  circulation in India. Antiviral drugs Tamiflu and Relenza are effective in curing the disease. There is no resistance observed so far.

You know 'yes' and 'no', but do you know HA and NA? The HA (hemagglutinin) and NA (neuraminidase) are the proteins that determines the subtype of influenza virus. They are important in the immune response against the virus. Protein made to combat infections are called antibodies that give protection against the infection. NA protein is the target of the antiviral drugs.

Common cold and flu are the common diseases of the season. How do you judge the Swaine flu?First and foremost symptom is "Fever" is always present, so at present era person who is suffering from fever with symptoms of common cold and throat pains, running of nostrils should not go out of home. The patients with the complaint of fever and cold can be divided into three categories : A, B and C.

The category A patients with symptoms of mild fever and common cold may be kept under observation for 1- 2 days & may be given symptomatic medication, bed rest and plenty of liquids orally. If patient develop high grade fever they should consult doctor immediately.

The Category B patients with symptoms of high fever, cough, throat pain, and suspect of viruses in upper respiratory tract are to be given the anti viral treatment of Antiviral oseltamivir for 5 days.
Children may have biphasic fever. Category B1 is symptomatic patient without high risk conditions
And B2 is with high risk conditions like :
Age <5years & >65 years, Diabetes mellitus; Pregnancy, Preexisting Lung, liver, heart, Kidney brain diseases; HIV-AIDS cases; Patient on long term steroids /aspirin therapy; Health care workers

For precaution, any symptomatic child  shouldn't go to school for a week. Adult patient should keep home quarantine till 24 hours without fever except visiting a doctor. Category A &  B are not tested but treated with meticulous follow up.

The Group C are the patients having breathlessness, pneumonia or ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) or multi organ dysfunction syndrome. They are admitted in isolation ward, throat swab is taken for testing & anti viral oseltamivir treatment is given immediately. Ventilator and other supports may be necessary for survival.  If not taken care timely, there are more chances of fatality.

Influenza spreads between humans when infected people cough or sneeze, then other people breathe in the virus or touch something with the virus on it and then touch their own face. "Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth". Stop Handshaking. Follow only our ancient gesture of Namaskar. Maintain safe distance of 1 meter while talking to the people.

Viruses starts spreading one day prior to become symptomatic. Keep your handkerchief, napkin and towel separate. Whenever touch any object, i.e., knob or handle of the door/room, toilet door knobs, basin tap, etc, clean them after the touch/use. Small things but they go a long way in preventing diseases.

Drink hot water. Do salt water gargle twice in a day. Black pepper ubala in hot water is a very good medicine for cold cough and viral infection.

Gujarat Ayurveda has started distributing 'Trikatu' (three bitter spices: dry ginger, black pepper and lindi pepper) to develop a herd of immunity. Drink the ubala (boiled with water) of these spices twice in a day. Even the ubala of black pepper will be effective. It's a medicine for cough and cold. Children may be neck tied with a roasted ajwain (ajamo) pouch (potli). Ajwain is a home remedy for cold, cough and chest congestion in babies.

No need to panic.

Stay fit Act fit.

9 August 2017

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Shri KN Zutsi Sir

Shri KN Zutsi Sir

It was my only meeting with Shri KN Zutsi Sir in 1982, when I appeared before him for the GPSC Class 1-2 interview. With the help of three scoring subjects: Statistics, Accountancy and Political Science; I was hopeful for the selection. The Chairman was known for his honesty and objectivity. In fact, my written examination score was more than the cutoff of marks of the selection. However that 25 minutes of interview had put a strong mark in my life. I had learned two things from him during that meeting.

I didn't know that his daughter's name is 'Poonam'. Now I recollect the questions. One of the questions he asked was the number of days between two 'Poonam'. This was unexpected for me, and with a hitch for a moment, I had replied 29-30 days. Thereafter, my interest in astronomy and astrology increased. Now I realised that my name Poonam, might had carried a soft corner of him for me in the interview. But his daughter Poonamji denied it yesterday replying the condolence message that: "my father was too fiercely objective to have let my name influence anything, least of all your selection."

But the most important learning was his scoring pattern in the interview. It was a 200 marks interview and he was very meticulous about the selection of the right candidate. He gave the range of 20-30-40 marks to the candidates whom he didn't want in the list and gave 80-100-100 plus marks to those who to be selected. This pattern of marks we came to know after the results were declared by the GPSC. That moment I didn't know how this will help me in one of the decisions of my career. I passed thereafter, UPSC 1984 (IRS) and 1985 (IAS) and joined Gujarat Cadre.

There was unrest going on amongst the ruling party leaders against the then CM late Shri Amarsinh Chaudhari. They had realised the defeat of the party in the assembly elections of 1990. Late Rajiv Gandhi was the PM and the unrest group was camping in Delhi for the change of the CM. One of the issues of the unrest was the transfers of officers including the DDO Mehsana Shri GD Vyas, who was not listening to the President of the Jilla Panchayat Shri Ishwarsinh Chavada. In July 1989, our whole batch (1985) was promoted in Senior Scale but was posted in Sachivalaya may be because of impending assembly elections. The desk officer Harsh Brahmbhatt was also unhappy with our batch because our batchmates were the first in raising voice against his subjective interpretation of the AIS rules. I was posted in Roads & Building Department as Deputy Secretary. Suddenly, on one evening of September 1989, I received a phone call from Shri PK Laheri Sir, the PS to CM to go to his room immediately. The CM was in Delhi. He told me that I have been posted as DDO Mehsana and directed to sign the CTC on his table. I signed the CTC and went to Mehsana to take the guard. With few such decisions, the pressure of changing the CM didn't stop. Shri Madhavsinh Solanki became the CM (for a short period) to face the assembly elections of 1990.

It was very tough time to work as DDO in Mehsana those days. There are many stories to narrate but let me write one story that has linked with my interview meeting with Mr. Zutsi Sir.

You know, District Panchayat Selection Committee does the recruitment of some cadres of Panchayat. The member of the Gujarat Panchayat Seva Pasandagi Mandal is the Chairman of the Committee and the President and DDO are the members. The Chairman of our committee wished to become MLA, wanted a ticket for the seat from the ruling party and the President District Panchayat was to play a major role as he was close to the then CM Shri Madhavsinh Solanki.; therefore, two of them made a union for selection of the candidates. There were rumours in the market about the corrupt practices and Mehsana was famous for buying jobs. I had 33 marks in hand and they had 67. The night before the interview, I couldn't sleep well. How to find out a way to fight with the injustice to the meritorious candidates. When I woke up in the morning, I remember the sweet and loveable face of Shri KN Zutsi Sir and found out the answer of my puzzle. I recollected the scoring pattern of our selection in GPSC in 1982. I had followed his model of scoring, gave 31-32-33 to the bright and meritorious candidates and gave low score below 10 to the candidates who were weak in their academic records and performance during the interview. At the end, when the select list was prepared, 80% of the candidates were found place in the list from my selection. It was a victory of the idea of Shri Zutsi Sir to fight against corrupt practices in the system.

We won't forget you Sir. We pray God to rest the Pious Soul in Peace of Salvation.

3 August 2017
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