Monday, July 5, 2021

Ardra misses

 Ardra misses 

There is Gujarati proverb, “વરસે આર્દ્રા તો વરસ જાય પાધરા”. IMD forecasted normal monsoon with the help of Radars, sea surface temperature and absence of El Niño. But the period of Sun transit in Ardra nakshatra from 21 June 2021 to 5 July 2021 has gone dry. There was possibility of good start of the season as the watery planet Venus is transiting in watery sign Cancer but Mars the fiery planet transiting in Cancer has dried up the effect. આગે મંગલ પીછે ભાણ (સૂર્ય) વર્ષા દીસે ઓસ સમાન. Mars is in Cancer and Sun is in Gemini behind, therefore, the proverb has once again been proved right forecasting the weak monsoon. Now all eyes are set on two fortnights of Sun transits in Punarvasu (પખ) and Pushya (વખ). પખ અને વખ બે વાદીલા, વરસે તો વરસે, નહીતર ઠાલા ને ઠાલા. If the fortnight of Sun transits in Punarvasu (5 July to 19 July) and Pushya (19 July to 2 August) fails in giving good rains, it may be a drought year. If first fails, the second will follow. Let’s hope that monsoon resumes its schedule this week. Jupiter may try to recover the season in the second half, but the farmers may suffer losses because of missing the right sowing time. 


5 July 2021


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