Monday, July 5, 2021

Gita, a song of life

 Gita, a song of life

Gita is a song of life, an art of living, which connects one’s existence with the universal existence. Each one of us carries that light, without which nothing exists. Life is a play of the reflection of that light over the subtle body (mirror) (अंत:करण = मन, बुद्धि, चित्त, अहंकार) which is in search of peace and happiness. It is a mirror unless cleaned up, stabilised and guided, it won’t realise its true form. Therefore, there are tree steps of upliftment. Nishkam karma (कर्मयोग) is to clean the mirror. A mirror in vibration can’t reflect the light well, therefore, Bhakti is a mean to surrender and to obtain stability of the mirror. And finally to know the true self, Gyan is the mean either through Guru or Grace that uncovers the true self. It’s journey from Atma to Parmatma, from physical sense of body to an universal being of existence. 

The play of Maya is illusionary. Maya is nothing but a play of three Gunas: Satva, Rajas and Tamas. One may carry feelings of Sukha, Dukha and Moha depending upon the play of each of these gunas. One has to rise up and transcend from Guna to Gunatit. Gita teaches the techniques to transcendent. There is kshetra and kshetrajna, the body and the conscious knower, the perishable and eternal respectively. How to move up from the body stage to conscious stage is the teaching of Gita. Our mirror is the Kurukshetra, where there is on going fight between five good virtues and hundred vices. How to achieve victory of good over evil is the purpose of life. To build a society that lives in peace and harmony. The final aim is transcend and know the true self. 

Playing a game of ball is just a requirement of the age to generate fun and build the physical as well as mental body. But that also gives lessons of life of building teamwork and develop sportsmanship.

May sing a song of life, Gita. 


26 June 2021


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