Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Illusionary world

 Illusionary world 

As per Indian philosophy the world in front of our eyes is Maya-illusionary. Human is a unique creation who has been given eyes with vision of mind and intellect. Whatever an individual has seen and perceived become his world. Therefore the world is not one but many differing from person to person. What we see is not the real world, person or object; but we see ourselves in them because our mind, intellect and thought process have carved out the image and opinion of the visible world. It is our own picture in front of us. 

Brahman is the reality and Maya is illusionary. All the objects and creatures of the universe are made of only one that is called Brahman or the Purusha. As it is a play, therefore, the permutations and combinations of three qualities (Satva-Rajas-Tamas) of Prakriti and 23 tatvas (intellect, ego, mind, five sensory capabilities, five actions capabilities, five subtle elements-tanmatras, five gross elements) combined with Purusha made each one of us different in vision and actions. Leave the illusionary Maya (which is not) behind and see the reality of the play of the Purusha and enjoy the existence as it is. What we see may not be the whole truth. Even within illusionary vision, there are personal, political and objective truths. Bureaucrats may follow the objective truth. If they follow the Brahman truth, they may have to leave the game and rest in Kaivalya. Perform the role assigned but stay in the truth. 


15 February 2022


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