Friday, April 8, 2022

Which is the Self?

Which is the Self? 

कतम आत्मेति; योऽयं विज्ञानमयः प्राणेषु हृद्यन्तर्ज्योतिः पुरुषः; स समानः सन्नुभौ लोकावनुसंचरति, ध्यायतीव लेलायतीव; स हि स्वप्नो भूत्वेमं लोकमतिक्रामति मृत्यो रूपाणि ॥ बृहदारण्यक.४.३.७ ॥

‘Which is the self?’ ‘This infinite entity (Puruṣa) that is identified with the intellect and is in the midst of the organs, the (self-effulgent) light within the heart (intellect). Assuming the likeness (of the intellect), it moves between the two worlds; it thinks, as it were, and shakes, as it were. Being identified with dreams, it transcends this world—the forms of death (ignorance etc.).’

The intellect is that which is illumined, and the light of the Self is that which illumines, like light; and that we cannot distinguish the two. It is because light is pure that it assumes the likeness of that which it illumines. When it illumines something coloured, it assumes the likeness of that colour. When, it illumines something green, blue or red, it is coloured like them. Similarly the self, illumining the intellect, illumines through it the entire body and organs. 

The intellect is Hindu or Musalman or Christian, as per the assumed colour of the culture. But the Supreme Self present in all hearts is pure light illumines them all. We see the colours but not the light that illuminates the colours. Look at the light, the Supreme Self, the Brahman, the Allah, the God present in the abode of all the hearts. 

8 April 2022


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