Tuesday, August 2, 2022

सिंहावलोकन। Retrospect



It’s a phrase meaning retrospect. Human has learn many things by observing animals, birds and nature. But why did he select Lion only and no other animal for his retrospection? 

Lion is a big cat of the cat family, has acquired the status of the King of animal world. 

Have you seen a Catwalk?  Obviously on a ramp. But why did it call catwalk? Walk which is similar to walk of a cat. …As the model takes each depth place her foot down in front of the other one rather than parallel to each..

When Lion walks, it’s a real Catwalk. It walks in rhythm, its back feet step into the track of its front feet creating an overlapping pattern of tracks. 

It has terrific night (nocturnal) vision six times more sensitive to light than humans. It has impressive eye sight can see under law light condition. It has binocular vision therefore its eyes point forward allowing it to judge depth more effectively. As its eyes can’t move from side to side very quickly it has to move its entire head from side to side to see in different direction. 

Lion walks like a King and see like a hunter with full concentration and know each and every movement of its surroundings as nothing goes out of its sight. While walking it keeps eyes over the backward, forward and side movements, and respond very sharply to any expected or unexpected event. 

It can be called a vision of 360 degrees which doesn’t allow a trace to remain to get out of it. This makes him the King of the animal world. 

If we also walk in rhythm step by step on the track of life rightly prescribed by the teachings (बोध) and keep our binocular vision of 360 degree open to see the happenings around us with full awareness, a day is not far away when we shall hunt (attain) our target (goal) of Self realisation (true nature of pure awareness). 

But we shall remember that it is a state of being a  King (Shankara), the master of the Universe in which the शंकरं doesn’t carry any trace of ego or duality what was experienced by Jiva. 

अद्वय अनुत्तर।

तं शंकरं स्तुमः


2 August 2022


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