Wednesday, August 3, 2022

I -the eternal

 ‘I’ the eternal 

BG 2.12: There never was a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor any of these temporal kings. Nor will there be any time in future when all of us shall cease to be.

How to take this बोध? 

We believe that all of us are separate individuals and hv independent journey governed by karma. But there are no individuals. Individual or ‘I am limited’ is an illusion created by contraction of self (ज्ञान संकोच). There is only ONE SELF or the real “I” in all, the Consciousness, Awareness, and that is अखंड अद्वय अद्वैत। 

When Lord Krishna said that they all exist, he was referring to this real “I” the consciousness, which was never born, never dies. The real SELF, शंकरं.

There are no individuals. There is only the Universal अनुत्तर and its विमर्श (manifestation). All of us have the same “I”. Those born and died had the same I. Those take birth will hv the same I. The ‘I’ of awareness in eternal and is always present everywhere, all the time, not limiting itself in our physical or mental body. The heart where it resides is the common place for all. 

It is only one and one existence, the universal infinite consciousness. Our individuality is an illusion caused by our objectification and thoughts of separation because of our poor reflector (unclean mind and impure intellect). It is the ego, which has shadowed our true nature. 

Therefore, there is no need to move physically from one place to another in search of the self-true nature but to acquire the vision (ज्ञानचक्षु), from the Guru, the बोध, always present inside and outside.

स्वरूप प्रकाशन मुक्ति है। To know thyself in true nature is the real salvation. 

तं शंकरं स्तुमः। 


3 August 2022


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