Monday, April 13, 2020

Dhoop for Viral Fivers

Dhoop for Viral Fivers (विषम ज्वर)

Hindu religion is not a religion of superstitions but a religion of scientific living of long life. When modern chemical medicines were not invented, our Vaidhyas were protecting lives of millions and curing the diseases with the help of herbs, yagya, dhoop and incense sticks.

Any Virus visits us, it comes to stay permanently. It won’t go away by our hiding but strikes whenever it gets suitable environment to spread. Falgun and Chaitra months in India are the months of such viral attacks and therefore to protect humans, doing dhoop in every house was the custom.

Some of the viruses and insects could be kept away by smell-fragrance or by sound waves. Therefore, there is a practice of ringing bell and doing dhoop dipan aarti at public places like temple, etc, to protect the visitors from the communicable diseases. At home, daily dhoop is a common practice in all Hindu houses. Aromatherapy is one of the best ways to purify our living spaces.

Don’t you believe that the dhoop removes insects and viruses? Why don’t you try and test?

Charak Samhita has given a recipe of dhoop to treat all fivers and viral diseases. Take guggul, mustard, barley, neem leaves, harad and cow ghee in equal proportion and make dhoop powder. Take one spoonful of dhoop and spray over the fire of wood or cow dung cake in a bowl or a plate and move in all the rooms and corner and waranda of the house. The mosquitoes and insects will start running away, and you will be guarded under that aerial aroma protection wall.

God is not deaf but don’t forget to ring the bell when you visit the temple. It’s a ritual to create sound waves to kill the bacterias around. Hope now onwards, you will ensure daily dhoop in the house and will enjoy the sound of bell and Aarti instruments more.😊

13 April 2020


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