Sunday, April 12, 2020

Tips for better Health

Tips for better health

Obesity is the major cause of ill health of many. One of the MPs had suffered chest pain in a public function was moved to UNM and was relieved by placing a stent in the artery of his heart. He was advised by the very popular authority of the country to follow the health tips to lose weight and live a healthy and long life. His tips was followed by some of the MPs who have improved their BMI in short time. Do you wish to know the tips?

The tips are very easy to implement, just you need health consciousness and to say NO during the day.

1) Start your day with a cup of green-black tea. Don’t eat anything with the tea.

2) Take lunch for 55 minutes from 10 AM to 10.55 AM. Eat for 55 minutes whatever you like (prefer less oily lunch) but close it with two glass of juice of bottle guard mixed with 25 leaves of Fudina, 25 leaves of Tulsi, and 10 black pepper. While eating lunch, keep a room for the bottle guard juice.

3) Take dinner for 55 minutes from 7 PM to 7.55 PM. Eat for 55 minutes whatever suits to your body (prefer light dinner)  but close it with two glass of juice of bottle guard mixed with 25 leaves of Fudina, 25 leaves of Tulsi, and 10 black pepper.

4) Nothing to eat between the scheduled mentioned above. You may need strong will power to say no during this off time.

5) Prefer vegetarian meals and avoid milk and milk products.

The logic is simple. When you eat something, the body digestive system get activated and start secreting juices and acids for 55 minutes. If you eat many times in a day, the digestive cycle of 55 minutes goes on working many times in a day and damage the body organs and intestinal walls, further weaken the digestive order. Running the system only twice in a day will allow the healing mechanism of the body to repair the damages and remove the toxins from the body.

The 14 hours break from 7.55 PM to 10 AM burns the extra fat from the body and improves your BMI.

If you follow, you will feel lighter in weight, healthier in action and smarter in performance. Are you ready? You can start now.

शुभम् भवतु कल्याणम।

18 December 2019


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