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Shevga Masala in black gravy

Shevga Masala in black gravy

Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb had spent his last 26 years in Aurangabad leaving Delhi under the commands of his governors.  He was fond of two dishes: Nan Khaliya and Shevga Masala in black gravy. He was in love with the air, water, food and fruits of Maharasta.

Nan Khaliya is a non vegetarian dish, without which no marriage in Aurangabad is considered complete.

Shevga Masala in black gravy is a popular Marathi dish, if you taste it once, will order the same thereafter always. It is likely that you may lick fingers because it is cooked in nearly 32 spices.

This is the season. Buy young and fresh looking Shevga. Lightly scrap off a thin layer of skin. Rinse them under running water. Cut to a finger length pieces.

Take following items to cook Shevga Masala curry as per your taste:
1) chillies red and green
2) coriander powder and green leaves
3) fenugreek leaves
4) cumin seeds
5) black pepper
6) cinnamon
7) clove
8) tej patta
9) ginger powder and ginger
10) badiya
11) dagad
12) ajvaayan
13) cardamom big and small
14) nutmeg
15) garlic
16) asafoetida
17) kalonji
18) turmeric
19) mustard seeds
20) fennel seeds
21) sesame seeds
22) kokum flower
23) kasuri methi
24) amchoor powder
25) salt
26) butter
27) mustard oil or sesame oil
28) pearl millet flour (bajara)
29) curry leaves
30) Tomato
31) Onion dry
32) mint leaves
33) Palak leaves

1. Boil Shevga (half cook) with little salt in hot water
2. Pour oil to a deep pan and heat it. Add asafoetida, cumin seed.
3. When they splutter, add curry leaves.
4. Add onions, sprinkle salt and fry.
5. Add chopped tomatoes and fry.
6. Add paste of ginger, garlic and green chilli
7. Add all the spices (powder) mentioned above
8. Add millet (Bajara) flour and cook
9. Add water of boiled Shevga
10. Add Shevga after the curry boils.
11. Cook with medium heat and add lemon
12. Cook the curry on lower flame to make it tasty. Your neighbour will come rushing to inquire about your cooking!
13. When the curry turns slightly thick add butter or ghee and turn off the stove. Add more salt if needed.

Enjoy the Shevga Masala black curry with the roti made of Jowar (Sorghum)

Shevga is drumstick, the most healthy vegetable, full of nutrition, improves immunity, removes cough, reduces cholesterol and gives pleasure of eating.

Try this dish during the lockdown.

5 April 2020

NB: My wife Lakshmi is my guide to write this article

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