Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wish to become a Memorial Diamond after the death?

Wish to become Memorial Diamond after the death?

Everything in the universe is energy and light, the vibration and electromagnetism. Energy can't be destroyed, it changes. There is a belief in many communities all over the world that when we die, we become 'Star'. When our dear ones die, we look them up in the stars of the sky. We feel that they are watching down over us and shower their blessings. Stars and human are made of Carbon. Both have a life cycle of birth, life and death. Both turns into ashes to ashes and dust to dust. There are references in religious books regarding human like starts. People in limelight are referred as Stars.

When someone dies, the spark of the life light may go up and settle in the Star, but do you know, the ashes of his/her body can be turned into a diamond, the earth star?

Real diamonds are created by nature over thousands of years. It's a mineral consists of 99.9% carbon. As the real diamonds are very expensive and are in limited supply, synthetic diamonds are taking over the market. They share their chemical, physical as well as optical features with natural diamonds. There are Chinese companies making synthetic diamonds, look the same like real, failing the human eyes to judge. There are special machines to check. Beware, when you buy diamonds.

Hindus have rituals of cremating the dead bodies and then flowing the ashes into the water of the river/rivers. But imagine, the same ashes, instead of flowing into the river, turn into a diamond, and presented you as a diamond ring or a pendant, how do you react? Can you imagine, to make a synthetic diamond from the ashes of father/mother/spouse/siblings and hold it over the ring or pendant and feel their connection with you permanently? Your dear one remains with you as burial memorial diamond forever. The family instead of carrying the photos of ancestors, can store the diamonds in memories. People who burry the dead bodies can save the space of burial grounds.

Now with the modern techniques of making synthetic diamonds, it becomes possible to make burial diamond. Diamond is a Carbon and the human ashes are also a Carbon element.

There is a company Algordanza in Swiss, making synthetic memorial diamonds from human ashes. In order to create a Memorial Diamond, they simulate the natural environment in which a diamond grows over hundreds of years inside of the earth. Human body consists of 20% carbon. During cremation, majority of carbon escapes as carbon dioxide. 1-5% of Carbon remains in the ashes. The laboratory isolate this Carbon and use it as the foundation for making the memorial diamond. The Carbon from the remains converts into graphite under the high pressure and high temperature. And this graphite become the foundation for the subsequent diamond transformation inside the high pressure (60,000 bar) high temperature (1200 – 1400° C) machines. A diamond starter crystal within the growth cell triggers the growth of memorial diamond. The diamond crystals slowly crystalize on the surface of starter crystal. Once the desired size of memorial diamond is made after a process of  few weeks, the starter crystal the removed from the surface of the synthetic rough diamond. The Carbon atoms arranged in a three dimensional grid gives strength and hardness to the diamond. Then it is hand cut sand polished by the experienced experts. It takes two weeks to make a ring and cost around $ 3-13,00,000, depending upon the size of the memorial diamond.

Do you wish to become a Memorial Diamond? Or wish to carry the dear once with you after their death in form of memorial diamonds? You may approach the Swiss company. If the demand increases, more companies will come into the market and the cost of memorial diamond will come down.

If aiming Starlight of the Sky, shine with the acts (not acting) like a Star. Lol.

16 November 2016


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