Sunday, December 18, 2016

Inequality is the mother of jealousy

Inequality is the mother of jealousy 

"You can be the Moon and still be jealous of the Stars". -Gary Allan

There are six enemies (shadripu) (arishadverga) described in human personality: 
Kama (lust, intense wanting for an object, power, knowledge, addiction), Krodha (anger), Lobh (greed, excessive desire to possess more that what one needs or deserves), Moha (emotional attachment), Mada (pride, ego), and Matsarya (jealousy). All are the prisoners of these six enemies, and their lives are governed by the destiny. They are the dacoits residing within and rob the previous gem of spiritual wisdom and self awareness knowledge. Various sanskaras and vasanas are brought out into activity from the submerged level of the chitta/deep within.

Do you know a story of a jealous man? My father used to tell us.

There was a man living in a village, always jealous of his neighbour. His neighbour was a hardworking man following good virtues of life. They were living a very happy life. The jealous man was lazy and spend his time in looking for faults in others but make no time to correct his own. One day, he asked his neighbour the reason of their happiness. Blessings of God, he replied very politely. The jealous man then went to the forest and to do Tapa to please the God. One day, the God was pleased, gave him darshana, knew the reason of his Tapa and gave him three boons with a condition that whatever he demands, his neighbour will get the double. The man returned home happily and next morning tried his first boon. He desired for a tubewell in his farm. He got a tubewell in the farm but his neighbour also got two tubewells. Second morning, he desired for a beautiful house. He got a beautiful house but his neighbour also got two beautiful houses. Instead of feeling happy with his better life with a tubewell in the farm and a beautiful house, he was worried about the benefits his neighbour was getting out of his boons. Now the third and last boon was available. His negative thoughts took over his mind. That night, he couldn't sleep and passed it in thinking. In the morning, he desired for a negative boon for him, to take away his one eye. His intention was to make his neighbour a blind!

Many people on earth are like him. They are not happy with what they have, but live in sorrow of what they don't have. Bhav nu shukh nahin, abhav nu dukh. Why? Because of Jealousy. Jealousy is an emotion, a typical experience in human relationships, expressed for the people known to us and are progressing better than us. A jealous person throws a stone in Peace Lake of his mind and creates the ripples that travel around and disturb the peace of mind of others. Jealousy is the seed for all our fights and pains in the world. It is disturbing the peace of the mankind and one day will be the reason for the destruction of the human world. 

Why can't we live in harmony. Why can't we walk on right path? Why can't we learn good virtues of successful life from others and make our life successful? Why we lose trust? Because many times, we see success of the people following wrong path. But what we see as success may not be the success but a pain for them, taking away their happiness of life and peace of mind. Their life is not our message.

DDDIT, an institution in Nadiad is giving a letter to all it's graduate students, when they pass out. It writes: "We should not compare ourself with others. We are individuals and we have different lives. Instead we should compare our present with our past to check whether we are progressing or not." If we accept the advice, all of us will feel happy because our present is better than our past. With better quality of life, we have a better life then our past generation. 

Jealousy is a disease and Love is a healthy condition of mind. Love people and remove hatredness. 

Be Confident Be Happy.

18 December 2016

NB: Never hate people who are jealous of you, but respect their jealousy. They are people who think that you are better than them.

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