Thursday, February 2, 2017

What is Maya?

What is Maya?

"The Vedas cannot show you Brahman, you are That already.  - Adi Shankaracharya on 4th Vyas Sutra

Maya is a Sanskrit word. Ma means 'not' and Ya means 'that'; that is not (but appears as real). Maya is our moha (delusion), a substance necessary for the play. Or Ma means mother and Ya means her spread, can explain the creation through Prakriti, mother, the feminine energy. She comes as Mohini in each one's life. Almighty Brahman (I) created the Bhuvan (world), Bhoga (objects of enjoyment), Tanu (body) with Karanas (organs) to play Maya (lila).

Maya has many meanings: illusion, unreal, magic, a dream, a bubble, a rainbow, power, wealth, creation, temporary world, changing, mithya, etc. In fact, Maya is not illusion but the ignorance, the creator of illusion.

We see the universe around, the galaxies, the stars, the planets, five elements, creatures, etc, the play of the consciousness, looking real, then how could one says that this is Maya, the illusion, the unreal? Maya doesn't mean non existence. The existence exists but it is changing. It is not seen or perceived the same by each individual. It is neither true nor untrue therefore called "mithya". It appears as an illusion, something different than what it is.

We play maya within maya on earth. The act of magician, cinema, TV, internet, politics, etc, are examples of maya within maya. What presented is different than what they are. We all follow maya in our day to day life, use untruth to gain or hide something. We know that free air given by God is more essential for our life than the diamond. Still we chase diamond and sacrifice life.

Gandhi said 'Truth is God' and truth should be the very breath of our life. The path of truth is the path of God. But it is not easy to walk on the path of truth. હરિનો મારગ છે શૂરાનો, નહી કાયરનું કામ જો ને. Buddha, Jesus and Gandhi can say that their life is their message of truth. But many of us will fail in the test. All carry the inner voice (that differentiate the right and wrong) but only some hear and few follow. All our fights of human world is because of our Asat acharan, walking on the path of untruth. We walk Asat but propagate it as Sat. And that is Maya, creating illusion of truth. If all walk on the path of Sat(truth), the peace will be achieved on mother earth. All our run after Maya will stop and all will have happy healthy and eternal life forever.

Sat has three qualities: Sat, Chit and Anand; truth, knowledge and bliss. Asat has three qualities: asat, avidhya, dukham. Untruth, ignorance and unhappiness. The path of Asat is a path of darkness, path of death, path of slavery and the the path of Sat is a path of light, path of immortality and path of freedom. We are Atman, therefore our core desires are for light, freedom and immortality. Tamaso ma jyortirgamaya. But to achieve the Sat path, we follow the Asat path of maya. And at the end lose the life of light in darkness. Neither get maya nor God fully. દુવિધા મે દેનો ગયે, ના માયા મીલી ના રામ. The duality cycle of birth and rebirth continues. For freedom and liberation one must seek true insights and correct knowledge of the principles behind the hidden magic.

Yoga Vasishta explains: Just as when the dirt is removed, the real substance manifest; when the darkness of the night is dispelled, the objects that were shrouded by the darkness are clearly seen; similarly when ignorance (maya) is dispelled, truth is realized. In darkness (ignorance) the rope is perceived as snake, the pole is perceived as ghost. Sky appears blue but it has no colour if we understand the reasons consciously. Maya disappears only with the light of knowledge when we are able to experience things without the division of the seer and the seen. It is awakening. Not the daily event of morning awakening from the bed, but the spiritual awakening.

In Truth of realisation, nothing exists except infinite and eternal God. There the illusion of finite things as separate from God vanishes, and with it vanishes the Maya, the creator of this illusion. -Meher Baba

All live in that Maya-illusion, bound by limitations, unable to identify as Atman, not realise the freedom of true identity. The dream is real in the state of dreaming but comes to an end when we wake up. Let us break the dream created by Maya (ignorance) and see the real, the truth, the Brahman.

સર્વમ બ્રહ્મમયમ્  સર્વમ બ્રહ્મમયમ્ ।।

Om shanti shanti shanti:

2 February 2017


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