Monday, February 6, 2017

Public servants are the luckiest people

Public Servants are the luckiest people 

Democracy is the governance model of the present world and we the public servants are the luckiest people of this model, in service of the society. We are the luckiest not because we have powers, job security, salary security, retirement benefits, etc; but because we have been given opportunity to serve the people, to serve the creatures on Mother Earth. 

The Supreme Power of the existence GOD is everywhere, present in all forms all around. He is an omniscience (having infinite knowledge), omnipotence (having unlimited power), omnipresence (present everywhere) and omnibenebolece (having perfect goodness). As Brahma, he is creator; as Narayana Vishnu, he is sustainer and as Shiva he is destroyer of the evils. He is the creator and the sustainer of the universe, present in everywhere, in all jeevas all time.

The life on Earth has been classified in four groups: the Jarayuj (born from the placenta: mammals, humans, animals); the Andaj (born from eggs: birds, fishes, amphibians); the Swedaj (born from the sweat/biotic material: insects, bacteria, microscopic creatures) and the Udbij: comes up from land: trees and plants). And the Almighty God is present in all of them as life force. Jarayuj human is considered the highest form of life on Earth and we, the public servants are in the service of humans. The forest and veterinary officials are in the service of the animals, birds, trees and plants. As God is present in all, therefore, we are in service of the God.

Service to the people is considered the shudra karma, but in public service, it is the best karma. Have you seen the pleasure on the face of a doctor while saving the life of a patient? Have you seen a light of happiness on the face of a hungry man after eating a meal received from your hand? Have you noticed the inner joy you feel while serving the society? When you resolve the grievance of a citizen, have you seen the joyous light on his face? When you give away the house to a poor, have you seen the light of satisfaction on faces of the family? When you give reward to someone's work, have you seen the light of happiness on his/her face? That light is the light of God.

We are the luckiest because we have been selected to serve the people. For achieving Sadhya (goal), the Sadhan (mean) is needed. The bird may have knowledge of flying but if loses its one wing, it can't fly. We had a goal of life in our mind to serve the society. Public service has given us opportunity with means of government to achieve our goal.

God lives within each one of us, but when an individual feels happy, a blissful light comes on his face. That is the light of God, the aura of God, the proof of his presence in the creature. When we help someone, when we serve someone, when we satisfy someone; the light of God's come on his face and when he/she gives blessings in that form, become the blessings of God. We are the gainer. These blessings are our real income, our credit points, our earnings. It is our duty to bring more and more light of joy and satisfaction on the faces of the humans, the creatures. 

But, beware. The way blessing has power the curse also carry power. That means, when we give pain, displeasure, hardships, harassment, the negativity to the people; we receive curses, that brings our light down, the God's within us become unhappy. We become loser. 

In the theory of Karma, a fly can become the Sun. Human is a creature that carry freedom to go upward or to go downwards. Let us all fly high with the wings of government in the service of the humanity, in the service of God and brings more and more lights of God on all the faces living on Mother Earth.

6 February 2017

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