Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Diabetes, a silent killer

Diabetes, a silent killer 

Diabetes is not a disease but a gift of a Rajrog, to the people who are living comfortable but not healthy life. Silently, it damages organs like eyes, kidney, even causing heart attack or stroke without showing any visible warning outside. A diabetic person won't get pain or early warning of heart attack, therefore, it is called silent killer.

My neighbour in Sector 8, Gandhinagar, Bharat Patel  (52Y) went alone to the Ahmedabad Railway Station Ahmedabad in the winter cold morning, at 6.30 AM on 15 January 2017, to pick his daughter in law up from the railway station, who was coming from Pune (his Son is working as an engineer in Pune). He was not feeling cold, therefore didn't wear sweater or jacket. He drove the car, reached at the station, climbed up the stair and reached at the platform where the train arrived, received her daughter in law, converse with her, hold the light weight troller bag, walked upto the stairs, waited for a minute so that the passengers rush get reduced, and just took a first step on the stair, and that very moment, he collapsed and died by heart attack on the spot in a second. He is survived by his wife and two sons. 

He was suffering from hereditary problems of high cholesterol, high BP, and diabetes. His life style was regular: early to bed and early to rise, regularity in meals, punctual in his daily walk of 5 miles everyday, regular in taking medicines. Vegetarian, he was fond of kathiavadi food, as the family belong to Junagadh. Unemployed he, was a Hanuman Bhakta, an active member of Sundarkand Path team in Gandhinagar, he was doing all preparation for the path for the team regularly. He used to visit hospital to serve biscuits to the patients. He used to go to the cremation place to serve cereals to the birds and animals. Kabar (myna) and a Crow couple were fond of his ganthia and the monkeys were regular visitors of his house at regular intervals. Very good person by heart to others, he used to become angry on his wife when he pass through emotional attacks around full moon days. Heart controls our emotions, and therefore, when heart is in problem, the emotional bursts happen. It further damage the left ventricle. The wiring and electricity of the heart get disturbed and suddenly gets off one day.

After angioplasty of one of our colleagues when another was admitted for heart care, I telephoned the doctor to know about his health problem. He explained that cholesterol, BP and diabetes together are the reasons for more blockages in the heart, therefore he will be operated for a bypass surgery. When I inquired that why stents couldn't serve the purpose, what did he say? When one incident of law & order happen, you can control it easily, but when the whole city is under violence, what will you do? Diabetes for a long is one of the major reasons for blockages of not one or two blood vessels but make many blood vessels narrowed and rigid with plaques. And till you approach, the heart care centre, the damage has already been done, because diabetes is a silent killer. 

Life is a light and Death is a Darkness. God knows when the spark extinguish. Diabetes is a disease, not easy to control. The medical treatment contributes to manifest side effects. It is interesting to note that the way subordinates stop taking our commands beyond a limit, the cells of body stop taking glucose from the blood due to miscommunication of messages between and within cells. Apart from the hereditary reason; nature of individual, stress and living environment cause diabetes. Spouse is a life partner, but difference of opinion with the spouse can generate stress, increase secretions of adrenaline gland, make the vessels rigid that brings diseases in the body. Many of our diseases are generated by brain that damage the heart which is the source of life line for the brain itself. Therefore, change nature, accept the people and situations as they are, do care for health, be regular in health check ups, stay fit and  healthy to play a long inning of life. Avoid sweets but be sweet in nature. Body is a machine, if maintained well, can drive for a long. 

After dinner rest a while, after supper walk a mile. 

Shubham Bhavatu Kalyanam.

22 February 2017

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