Thursday, March 2, 2017

Human life, a journey from Kosha to Koshy

Human life, a journey from Kosha to Koshy

Our body, mind and spirit are composed by five koshas: annanmay, pranmay, manomay, vigyanmay and aanandmay. They are governed by nature through three gunas: satva, rajas, tamas. Animals do have five koshas, but humans have all five prominent. 

Annamay kosha is our physical body that is made of cells; carry satva, rajas, tamas gunas with the balance of pitta, vata and cough in the body. Physical body can be strengthened through physical activities like asanas and exercises. 

Pranmay kosha is our pran, life force, the breathing; responsible for the life in all. It has been further classified as prana, apana, udana, samana and vyana; they control functions of the physical body. Prana can be purified through pranayama, extending and balancing the field of prana. Not simply a breathing exercise but a conscious breathing with an observation of the resting of prana between inhalation and exhalation. 

Manomaya kosha is Mind, has three or more dimensions. Each creature has mind. Human has conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind; responsible for perception, cognition and understanding. It moves with the greatest speed. Past, present and future are three tenses of mind connected with time, space and causality. If mind stops, time stops. Meditation connects individual mind with cosmic mind. Concentration is the power of mind. The quality of education is going down because the students of the present world lack concentration power. Their minds are divided into many parts, wondering over many external objects. Mind eyes on object with concentration. Meditation improves mind, the Manomaya Kosha.

Vigyanmay kosha is awareness, knowledge; the field of wisdom, acquired through experience. It connects individual mind with cosmic mind and fetch knowledge from the cosmos. The scientists, researchers, thinkers are working in this field of vigyanmay kosha. Vigyanmay kosha eyes on the universe, carry thousands eyes and can see anywhere, can think anything and can travel anywhere. It is not bound by time, space and causality. Great idea, thought, creation comes when individual mind connects to the cosmic mind through the vigyanmay kosha. Chintan, manan, nididhyasan are the means to strengthen Vigyanmay kosha. Tantra is practiced to develop Vigyanmay kosha. A journey of Wisdom to Pragya.

Anandmaya kosha is called a stage of bliss, happiness, but bliss and happiness may come and go like the pendulum of the clock, but the thing that remains unchanged, unswung in all the conditions, the sthitapragya stage is the Ananda. Samadhi is the sadhana to attain Ananda.

The purpose of existence is to experience that cosmic self and in order to understand and experience that cosmic self, the understanding of the koshas helps a lot. Body is going to die any day, but the Koshy, the 'Tatva' which is not going to die with the death of the body should be the aim of our life. Koshas are the means to connect with the Koshy. If they are good, they make the connection easy. Therefore, give time for exercise, pranayam, meditation, chintan-manan-nididhyasan, and Samadhi. And once we know the Koshy, the conscious awareness of the Koshy will bring the 'Sat Chit Ananad' Sachchidanand at our home.

Jai Sachchidanand.

2 March 2017


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