Monday, March 6, 2017

Life is full of problems, Sunday evening with Deepakbhai

Life is full of questions, Sunday evening with Deepakbhai

Satsang call and we move. Deepakbhai was taking questions of students who are writing board exams. Boys and Girls in their teenage, came to take blessings of Deepakbhai so that they pass the exams and score well. Some of them have asked questions.

A boy asked that if there is scope for copying in the exam, can he copy or not? One need a courage to ask such a question of copying in exam in a spiritual meeting. If he has written wrong, you will also write the wrong answer. Better to write what you know. If you learn copying at this stage, you may do theft and carry other vices in future of your life. Deepakbhai advices the boy.

The girls had more questions. More than half a dozen girls asked: they carry more anger, they are unable to concentrate, they are unable to memorise, they are unable to understand the teachings of the teachers, they are unhappy with the family (mother) telling them to read or ask to help in household work, etc. Deepakbhai gave them suitable answers to introspect their side. Instead of finding faults with others one has to look at self. Find the cause of the anger, and then remove the cause by right understanding. One has to learn the perception of other side too. Instead of moving mind on many items, better to focus on study when you are studying. And once you are able to concentrate on study, you will be able to remember it. If unable to understand what teachers are teaching, take interest in study, read the lessons many times, do homework, ask questions to the teachers and pray God to give you more strength. Deepakbhai was advising the girls.

My mind was thinking simultaneously. Why the girls are carrying common complaints? Why they carry anger over their noses? Is it because of our the present education system? Is it because of the social and family culture they live in ? Is it because of the TV, mobile and fashion culture around? Is it because of their age? What is going on in their minds? Why are their minds fickle? Is is because of the hormonal changes? Why are they emotionally reactive?

We were observing them. They know their problem. They raise it in the presence of public audience, as if they wish to unload their stress.  They may and may not accept the suggestions, but they were venting communicates that "I'll feel better when someone who cares about me hears me out."

Our brain stops developing at around age 12. It remodels during teenage. Brain's emotional reaction of the limbic system during teenage indicates that the feeling centres beneath the cortex are actually more sensitive in teens than in children or adults. Adults often tell teens that their feelings are at full blast because of hormones. Despite the obvious coincidence between the beginnings of puberty and the intensification of girl emotions, research suggests that the impact of pubertal hormones on teenagers' moods is indirect. The changes in her brain and the events that occur around her are more likely to shape her mood than the hormonal shifts occurring inside of her. If the parents, teachers and the teenagers understand the science of brain, the problem of the teenage girls can be resolved differently. However, the suggestions given by Deepakbhai for self introspection will also help them in understanding the side of their parents.

One gentleman raised a question of his beloved son, always demanding branded items: cell phone, shoes, cloths etc, and get them change frequently. The father with middle class earning accepting demands of his son out of emotion that he shouldn't feel bad. He was advised to link the boy's demand with some output of good study, score card, so that the boy can also be put on hard work. The father was advised to explain the economy of the family to the son.

Another gentleman raised question of his wife, demanding money for house expenses on 1st of every month. She also tells that he should give her money every month without asking. This hurts the ego of the husband. During demonetisation, the husband came to know that she keeps some reserve, therefore, told her to carry on for some more days from the reserve. That she has objected strongly. Do you like if your salary come late after a week? Do you like your wife advising you in your office work? Do you run your scooter in reserve to refill it? Deepakbhai defuse the air of the questions of the husband and advised him to give her money regularly for the house hold expenses and not to interfere in her kitchen as it is her kingdom. After all, she is doing it for the wellbeing of the family.

How simple it will be, a life without ego of less questions? Akram science of spirituality suggest that one should separate the 'I' of one's relative identity (ego) and follow the 'I' of real identity (shuddhatma) and accept that the world is run by scientific circumstantial evidences, clear all files (individuals come in one's contact) by staying in equanimity (sambhaav) and deposit credit in the account of shuddhatma (pure I). Once the karta bhava has gone, the bondage of karma goes away. And in that stithpagya status of mind one leads towards the moksha, the liberation.

Jai Sachchidanand.

6 March 2017


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