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Herbs of Gandhinagar

Herbs of Gandhinagar 

"I wish I could explain your eyes, and how the sound of your voice gives me butterflies. How your smile my heart skips a beat and every time I am with you, I feel so complete".

I am in love with her since August 1979. I saw her first time in rainy season, and fall in love. Love at first sight!!! Everyday, I was gazing at her open eyed from the bus window. She was looking beautiful. She has awakened the nature lover in me. She was looking gorgeous with lots green vegetation around, lush green road sites with dense tree lines, farms full with vegetation, and all open land covered with fresh green grass giving her a charming look like an European city. Breathing in fresh air and witnessing her green view made me her lifetime lover. I wait very eagerly for the rainy season to come to see her gorgeous look. One may see many beautiful insects during monsoon but the black caterpillars, painted grasshoppers and beautiful silky rose red insects are unique, adding into the beauty of the nature. 

During rainy season, many herbs, shrubs and lata plants comes out and cover the land, road sides, fences all over. I can't recognise all of them. When I asked my officers of Monday meeting to name the ten herbs of the capital city, they stayed silent. But during the morning walk of the next morning, my wife came to my rescue. She is from village, therefore, recognise many species. She is our home vaidhya. We could recognise, list and photo nearly 81 herbs and shrubs of the city. Each herb carries medicinal value and useful to cure one or more diseases. Nature has given us health cover to protect ourselves with the help of herbs and shrubs around.

The 81 herbs and shrubs with their local names and medicinal uses are:

1. Adhedo (diuretic, stomach pain, cough, aamvat, piles, smooth delivery); 2. Aghadi bodi (cough, pitta, worms, skin problem, indigestion, insomnia); 3. Akado (Mandar): (headache, jaundice, body pain, migraine, plies, ear pain, joint edema, dama,); 4. Arani (vat dosha, edema, worms, breast milk); 5. Ardusi: (Cough, cold, asthama); 6. Ashwagandha: (vajikar-happier marriage life, anxiety, stress);

7. Bab: (arthritis, edema, diuretic); 8. Bavchi: (scabies, skin diseases, fever, edema, tridosh); 9. Ber (vitamin C, B; minerals, digestive system);
10. Bhanth: (course cereal, general care); 11. Bhangro: (cynas, cholera, sore in mouth, eye disease, hair growth, black hair, cold cough to children); 11. Bhoringani (kantkari): (bronchitis, urination, baldness); 12. Bhamaradi (cot insect); 13. Bhony Ambali ( mouth sore, diabetes, white discharge, anemia, jaundice, fever, stomach pain);

14. Chanothi: (pitta dosha, voice clarity, baldness cure, migraine, sperm production); 15. Chanakbob (kankol): (heart care, mouth sore, vatrog, blindness); 16. Chandanbatvo (chil): (animal feed, liver care, tridosh, diuretic, joint pain); 17. Chitro (kothimbi):

18. Dabhado: (sperm count, tridosh, jaundice, urination, calculus); 19. Damaro (marvo): (eczema, tinea, haemorrhoids); 20. Dhanturo (black, white): (impotency, insane, vaginal pain, hemeplagia, insane, edema); 21. Dudheli: (skin problems, boils treatment); 22. Dodi (Jivantika, kharkhodi): (rasayana, eye sight, dhatu vardhak, tridosha, vaginal prolapse); 23. Dharo (durva): (nosebleeds, menstruation, headache, vomiting, hiccups);

24. Fanj: (to make pakora, strength, heart care, aam dosha); 25. Fudino (antioxidant, immunity building,  26. Fulekiyu: (worms, urination);

27. Galjibhi (eyes disease, snake bite, cold fever, skin problem, blood purification); 28. Galgota (dipmal, marigold): (diarrhoea); 29. Galo: (age control, eye sight, dhatu vardhak, memory, tridosha, jaundice, diabetes); 30: Ganthiyu: (tinea, sores); 31. Gangeti: (boils, fever, testicles problem, sperms, scorpion bite); 32. Gilodi (gholi): (eczema, jaundice, blood purifier, dama, edema); 33. Gokharu (rasayan, kidney stone, for strength, removing heat from body, urination)

34. Jasud: 35: Jenzru: (navel lump, breast milk); 36. Jipato: (dog bite, oxen care); 

37. Kakach (kanchaki) (paediatric care, tongue cuts, worms, aamvat); 37. Kakdasingi (paediatric care, diarrhoea, asthama); 39. Kandvel (hadsankal): (bone healing, heat remover, menstruation problem, night vision problem, epilepsy); 40. Kanjaru (animal feed, diuretic for cattle and buffalo); 41. Kankodi vanjani (tridosh, asthama, worms, TB, fever, epilepsy, cynas, piles); 42. Kansaki (to prevent feticide, vaginal discharge, cough, burning urination); 43. Kantasalio (early discharge, molar pain, pregnancy, teeth worms, Scorpio bite, edema, skin problems); 44. Karen: (poisonous plant, scorpion bite); 45: Kasundaro (tinea, hiccups, bronchitis, leprocy, delivery); 46. Kharshandi (navel setting, ear pain, fever, cough); 47: Khatiluni (tridosh, headache, burning, herpes); 48. Kothimba: (boil care); 49. Kunvadio (eczema, tinea, white discharge, heat control, abscess); 50. Kukadvel (jaundice, anemia, cough, bronchitis, TB, worms, piles, hiccups); 51. Kunvar (alovira) (cosmetic, breast disease, spleen, cough, jaundice, fever);

52. Lajamani (risamani): (tridosh, blood purification, vaginal care, diarrhoea); 53. Lambdi: (tridosha, calculus, dama, indigestion);

54. Malti: (mouth disease, cough, worms, ear pain); 55. Mehandi (hina): (dandruff, fever, diabetes, lump, cold); 56.  Mindhal: (vomiting, basti, edema, gas, cold, fever); 57. Mindhi Aval: (liver care, worms, laprocy, stomach problem, skin problem, aamvat, edema, cough); 58. Mayurshikha: (heat problem, lumps, calculus); 59.  Morvel: (tridosh, blood purification, mania, heart care, worms);  60. Moth (nagarmoth): (breast disease, hiccups, night vision, jaundice) 

61. Nagod (Nirgundi): (arthritis, vat dosha, worms, throat problem, eye care, memory, edema, fistula, brightness, contraction of ovary after delivery); 62. Nari (chandvel): (dhatu vardhak, tridosha, bone healing);

63.  Panbavadi (mouth sores cure, blood purification, wound heeling); 64. Pashanbhed: (calculus, urination, diabetes); 65. Patol: (cleaning of boils, fever, undri-hair loss, worms); 66. Piludi: (rasayan, premature graying of hair);

67. Ratanjot (jasundi): (pitta, pregnancy, baldness, vaginal discharge, piles); 68. Rohis (vatrog, joint pain, cough);

69. Sahdevi (perspirative, insomnia, vaginal prolapse); 70. Samo: (cough, pitta, stomach pain); 
71. Satodi (punarnava): (edema, urination, diuretic, perspiration, cough, veins disease); 72. Shankhavali: (rasayana, mania, epilepsy, worms, life expectancy, intellect); 73. Shatavari: (rasayana, dhatu pusti, balya, intellect, eyesight, heart pains); 74. Sonvel: (tridosha, headache, pediatric care); 75. Sugandhi (green tea): (fever, perspiration, cough & cold, stomach pain); 

76. Talvan: (ear disease, cold fever, edema); 77.,Tandaljo: (liver care, menia, tridosha, diarrhoea); 78. Triparni: (dama, cough, boil);
79. Tulsi: (fever, bad breath, hiccups, tinea, night vision problem, ear infection);

80. Vasanvel (vevadi): (fistula, stomach pain, pediatric care, sperm count); 81. Vishnukanta: (piles, wound, worms, jaundice, intellect). There are many more to be added in the list.

Now, when you take a morning walk of the city, halt for awhile and try to see the green nature around. The herbs and shrubs are there to take care of your health problems. Nature cures us provided we care for her. Better to fall in love with her then to pass through a dry spell!!! Lol 😂 

3 September 2017

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