Saturday, September 16, 2017

Jupiter transits to Libra today

Jupiter transits to Libra today 

After a year tour in Virgo, Jupiter transits to Libra at 7.59 AMfrom TODAY (12/9/17)for a period of 13 months. Libra is a sign of balance, therefore, Jupiter, the 'Jeeva' (common man) will get justice. It's 5th-7th-9th aspects over Aquarius, Aries and Gemini will benefit those born in these moon signs. People with moon sign Libra will enjoy the Gajkeshari yoga with liquidity, good relationships and pleasure cum religious tours during the year.

Rahu transited from Leo to Cancer from 21 August 2017 for 18 months, will act as an eclipse over the minds. Cancer is a house of Moon, the mind, will come under eclipse for 18 months. Rahu will dry up water from the Cancer till it moves to Gemini on 7/3/19. Rahu will impact the monsoon 2018. However, other planetary movements needs to be verified.

The transit of retrograde Mars in debilitated sign Cancer for 5 months (31/5/17 to 17/9/17) brought heavy floods and scarcity together in many areas of the country. It will transit in fire sign Leo (27/8/17 to 13/10/17), the sign of power, will make the political atmosphere hot with angarak criticism of the governments in power. It may give a kick start to many pending works and projects. People born in Moon sign Leo shall meditate daily to control their temper during the period! It's Sharad season (22/8/17 to 23/10/17), the season of diseases, beware of fevers. 

Saturn, the biggest cosmic player was retrograde, moved to Sagittarius from 26/1/17, will stay till 25 January 2020, when moves to Capricorn. During the period, it retrograde twice: 19/4/18 to 6/9/18 and 1/5/19 to 19/9/19. Saturn plays a big role in deciding the fate of many in public life. Saturn in Sagittarius, the neutral house of Jupiter, may allow Jupiter and other planets to play more role during the transit in Sagittarius. 

Shubham bhavatu kalyanam.

12 September 2017

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  1. Amazing analysis!!

    Now waiting for saturn to go in capricorn. Capricorn is government and saturn is discipline and administration so government administration will improve and there will be lot of rules and regulation which will bring discipline.


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