Saturday, September 16, 2017

Scarecrow, the Chadiyo

Scarecrow, the Chadiyo 

I saw the village first time when I was 9 years old. The city was under curfew and control of army due to communal violence in September-October. The communal forces were not happy with the damages done to humanity in September, again put the city under fire in October. Helpless people were running away to native villages to save their lives and little belongings. 

It was a monsoon season. Away from the environment of looting, arson, violence and threat to life; when I saw the farms from the window of the train, my mind was full of green. All farms were looking attractive with green plants, trees and grasses; greenery look all around. Beautiful peacocks were singing tehuk...tehuk...the song of nature. But what are all these objects placed in the farms, looking like a human figure? I asked my mother while walking through the rail line from the station to our village. They are "Chadias", set up to scare the birds away from the field where crops are growing, so that they don't damage the crop, she explained.

Chadias... the word was familiar to me. To please my mother, when my elder brother used to tell about my playing with chawl boys, I was calling him Chadio. He was feeling happy and I was feeling scare of my mother. In school, when the teacher is late or on leave, the children play naughty naughty; freeing their energy from discipline. But when the teacher or head master come to inquire, nobody discloses the names. But one or two Chadiyas will take a chance and disclose the names before the teacher in private. It is an act of treason, an undesirable traits of character. It may be convenient for the teacher to make use of to help his own work, but it is a germ of moral habit down in young hearts. Informer develops into a big rogue in future. Smart students always identify them quickly and name them Chadiyas, the label they have to carry throughout their schooling. 

Whatever one may call them, Chadiyas, Scarecrow; they are Master of Fear. The Masters (Mother, Principal, Boss) are in need of their help to control the objects of freedom. And the Chadias can't stop because of soothing pleasure they get out of chadi and the perks they enjoy as prize from the master. 

Have you seen Chadiyas in Administration? Have you seen Chadiyas in Public Life? How can they be free from the Chadiyas? They are there because it's a human mentality. They scare the birds, and the masters feels that they have controlled the mass. The Chadiyas get rewarded with better placements and postings in the organisation. 

Scarecrow is good to keep the birds away from the growing crop! Have you seen the Scarecrows?

What is your preference? 

To become a Scarecrow?
Or to be a Free Bird?

Whatever, but, Beware of the Scarecrows!!! Lol😂 

And if you do not stake your life, You will never win life for yourself. - Schillar

16 September 2017


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