Friday, May 31, 2019

Param Shiva

Param Shiva, the Supreme Lord is called Pasupati Nath. Who is the Pasu? Pasu in general term refers to animals. But in Shaivism, it is the individual soul, the fettered being, concealed, limited being,imagines that he is material by nature bound by his actions, affected by the defilements, mineness, spiritual darkness, conditioned in birth, death, delusion, sufferings, happiness, etc; his experience of the Self in the not self, the physical body, objects, etc. Till he is ignorant of his true-real self and is living in this false experience of bondage, he is Pasu. And the Supreme Lord Param Shiva is his Nath as Pasupati.

And who is Param Shiva?

“I”, the pure consciousness, massive bliss and absolute freedom, the true nature as the Supreme Lord.

The bondage of the soul is imaginary, created by his own thought constructs. The journey from Pasu stage to Pasupati is the Sadhana. With divine grace, he liberates himself from the bondage by loosening his grip over the false self through the glory of knowledge of the true self, by experiencing himself as pure consciousness, the Param Shiva (omnipresent) endowed with Supreme Shakti (Durga-Chiti).

And all this world objects are his own glory, existing within himself. “I” is the soul of all that is manifested as the universe. From “me” (pure self), the entire universe with its infinite variety of subjects and objects emanates, manifests as somewhat different from the experiencing subject.

With the knowledge of true self, rope becomes rope, the snake doesn’t exist in a rope and can’t frighten of death.

Pasu can become the Pasupati. Jiva can become Shiva, Param Shiva.

ॐ नमः शिवाय।

31 May 2019


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