Friday, March 11, 2022

Punit (pure) life of Saint Punitacharyaji

 Punit (pure) life of Saint Punitacharyaji 

Shri Paras Nath Pandey a graduate in Sanskrit from BHU travelled in search of truth and landed up in Junagadh some 50 years ago. He followed many methods of Sadhana including fasting and living a life of all hardships guided by the his guides and companions. At last he realised the light of God by the blessings of Guru Datta at Jatashankar and became Saint Punitacharya. Guru Datta and Mother Goddess became his life Mantra for next five decades. A young man came akinchan could develop an Ashram for people and went through grihasthashram as per his destiny. But he never disconnected himself from Guru Datta and never deviated from his path of truth. He has guided many disciples and curious visitors with his excellent knowledge on hindu scriptures without any expectations. Many experienced deep meditation, shaktipat and spiritual journey under his guidance and blessings. Whatever question one may ask, he will answer with a support of verses in Sanskrit. 

I met him first when I was DDO Junagagh in 1990s. His guidance helped me in my search of the truth. As I didn’t visit Junagagh for 22 years (1993-2015), I got disconnected physically but my posting as PS Forest and Environment once again re-connected me with his Sainthood. From 2015 to 2022, we had nearly 8-10 physical meetings and some phone calls in which he guided me how to meditate and solved some queries on spirituality. In our last meeting on 25 January 2022, we were discussing kundalini yoga. As he was unable to hear clearly and therefore the communication was not getting through. He therefore advised me to read a book “Bhartiya Sanskriti and Sadhana” by Gopinath Kaviraj and list the questions and queries if any and thereafter discuss with him for further clarification. Incidentally, I asked him who will guide if he is not there. He told me that if I connect with the heart inside, the Guru (guide) resides there permanently. The answer comes from within, therefore, one needn’t worry about presence or not of any individual. How true! He left this visible world on 8th March 2022 and today on 11th March 2022 his physical body merged into the five basic elements of nature through the fire of pyre. 

The Ashram is building a Guru Datta temple and he is survived by his wife, daughter and son but he becomes immortal through his teachings. His disciples will remember him forever and the persons who met him won’t forget his love and purity in heart. 

जिस्म राख हुई, रूह गई आसमान;

चिति सर्वव्यापक है, कौन हुआ ओझल। 

Our Pranam to Saint Punitacharyaji. 🙏🙏🙏


11 March 2022



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