Friday, February 17, 2023

Know Thyself

 Know thyself 

The knowledge is straight and simple that we are that Shiva/Brahman for whom we are in search. 

But to reach to that firm conclusion there is lot of chakki picing and picing…साधन चतुष्टय, साधना, नाम जप, 

निष्काम कर्म, उपासना, ध्यान, purification process, etc. Just to merge the mind into Lord Shiva. The mind is absorbed that’s all. No body identity, no mind identity. The rope becomes rope, no more snake. 

The truth is not associated with time that for few minutes when we are in meditation and become Shiva and when move out of meditation turns into Jiva. How could? The truth remains truth as it is in all the states. 😊

🕉️ नमः शिवाय। 👏


16 February 2023


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