Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Panch Kalyanaka

 Panch Kalyanaka 

Panch Kalyanaka is a term used commonly in Jainism, the five auspicious events. 1) garbha-conception 2) janma-birth 3) diksha-renunciation 4) kevalya-absolute knowledge (जीवन मुक्ति) 5) nirvana-departure from body-Siddha (विदेह मुक्ति). 

Shiva in Sanskrit also means auspicious-Kalyanaka. We hv passed through two Kalyanakas, the conception and the birth happened naturally. Now we are in the process of third and fourth Kalyanaka. 

The third stage is to bring an individual to one pointedness towards his/her goal. Duality or multiplicity of mind can’t achieve the goal and therefore one has to be fully focused (renunciate worldly objects) and put one’s 100% attention towards the fourth Kalyanaka, the absolute (true) knowledge. 

The fifth is destined therefore not a matter of worry or hurry.😊

🕉️ नमः शिवाय।


22 February 2023

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