Wednesday, May 10, 2017

3 hours milky shower in Moonlight

Tonight, when Chaudavi ka Chand is in romance with his 15th wife Swati (su+ati means very good); Gandhinagar, the capital city of Gujarat has shower bath of Chandni for three hours. All street lights were off to salute the only light of full moon up in the sky. Chand and it's Chandni are moving into the sky spraying milky shower over the sky and on the earth. There was no option but to gauge the romance of the moon couple as the atmosphere is very hot where the wind also stopped blowing in surprise of the act of the administration. But suddenly at 00 midnight, the street lights lit up, and punctured the screen of the nature. Moon has just moved 1.31 degrees from 11.11 to 12.41, and didn't reach above the head, and the night lit up with LED street lights spreading the artificial bright white light in the streets turning electricity into light. The current starts and the bill of the corporation starts up. The administration continues with the experiment for two more nights. If they follow the moon calendar and adjust the light clock accordingly, they will get more hours of moon light to live with the nature of nights. Children have forgotten Chanda Mama and his songs, the 3 hours experiment to live under the moonlight is a step to bring back the townies to a simpler life more in touch with nature.

All cities must adjust their street light hours with moon light. It will save more electricity over and above the use of LED.

10 May 2017 midnight


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