Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Common friends

Common friends

Surprisingly, the three are the most matching communities, nationally and internationally. They live and work together in many countries and carry respect for each other. Whether South Africa or Burma, they live, work and fight together for the common cause.

Gandhiji was most respected by them. Who are these three? Gujarati, Bihari and Tamil.

Gandhi rose as Satyagrahi from Champaran (Bihar) Satyagraha of 1917. Gandhiji's son Devdas married to Lakshmi, the daughter of Rajaji. Ladies in Bihar didn't know how independence will come by spinning the wheel (Rantio) but they were spinning wheels because 'Gandhi baba has told'. Irrespective of castes or creed, thousands of them run the rantio. The population living idle for 9 months (excluding agriculture season of monsoon) suddenly became active and connected with Gandhi. His messages were reaching to their hearts without the help of TV, Mobile and other IT support.

Who were bothered for the freedom? Kings were happy with the gun Salutes. Elite class was settled with the administration. They were the common Indians, the peasants, the labourers, the females, the Satyagrahi, who following the path of non-violence brought freedom for us.

100 years of Champaran (indigo farmers) Satyagrah of Gandhi just completed on 10th of April this year. Bihar is celebrating the 100th anniversary because the event on 10th April 1917, when Gandhiji set foot on Bihar land at Patna Station, changed the course of history of the nation. A train with 11 days package (costing ₹10,500) tour to Champaran-Gaya will start from Sabarmati this week. Hope there are buyers of the package tour!

All Indians are brothers and sisters but there is special brotherhood amongst the three: the Gujarati, the Bihari and the Tamil.

Long live independence.

2 May 2017


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