Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Save the Parrot

Save the Parrot 

British Medical Journal paper has declared very interesting conclusion on CHD that "Saturated fat doesn't clog the arteries. Coronary heart disease is a chronic inflammatory condition, the risk of which can be effectively reduced from healthy lifestyle interventions".

The major problem of human health is the inflammation or the edema of the organs, whether the arteries, the brain, the spine or the joints. There are major four reasons of the edema: the food, the age, the socio work culture and individual nature. The hunger of better quality of life has put the people in the race of resource generation. With the increase in population, more and more chemicals are used in cereals, vegetables and fruits. Our resistance to the people, situation and circumstances causes injuries to the internal organs. All these results into the inflammatory condition of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) that disturbed the easy flow of oxygenated blood and glucose to the cells. The disturbed or injured cell further worsen the inflationary condition of the arteries, finally end up in the coronary heart disease. Many suffer from obesity and type2 diabetes.

Therefore, modern world is busy in reading Lipid profiles; named the repairer of the injuries in the arteries the LDL cholesterol, a villain. Statins (chemical salt) are used to remove the fats-cholesterol from the body that downsize the functions of brain, liver and kidneys in long run. Instead of treating the cause of inflammation and the injurious reasons to the arteries, we are trying to remove cholesterol. 

It is an interesting observation that not the dietary saturated fat but the poly saturated fat is the culprit, clogging the pipes. The refined carbohydrates, polyunsaturated fat, trans fatty acids intake are associated with greater progression of arteriosclerosis. This is the stuff of most cheap commercially produced pastries, bread, and other low-fat foods. For the non vegetarians, the food their animals/birds eat matters! Heat processed oils generate fatty acids. Therefore, processed food and fried food are dangerous. Imagine how dangerous are the French fried, potato chips, aloo pakora, and other carbohydrate fried items.

Our ancestors were very wise. They had finalised the recipes after experimenting them for many years. Look at all the carbohydrates diets: the rice, roti, potato, etc, are not fried, either boiled or roasted. All the Gujarati fried dishes are frying the proteins. However, for better health, healthy food, good nature and health socio work culture are necessary. The sensitivity of individual hurts his/her life line.

It is also interesting to note that blood always in need of calcium. If we fail in supplying the required quality through diet, it takes away from the bones and create osteoporosis as well as plaque in the arteries. Excessive intake of calcium may also create problems.

Heart is the Parrot where our life lives. And brain is the commander that disrupts the parrot. We shall accept the findings that Coronary artery disease is a chronic inflammatory disease and it can be reduced effectively by walking 22 minutes a day and eating real food.

Save the "PARROT"
3 May 2017

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