Monday, May 22, 2017

We are the living waves

We are the living waves.

What it light?

It is difficult to categorise light as either substance or a process, but it is an energy, a quanta of electromagnetic field. Light may be the smallest form of the substance visible as waves. (man made eye/microscope define the smallest particle of the universe, may be some wavelengths are unseen). There are many waves: AM waves, FM waves (radio), microwaves (ovens), infrared (heat), EM waves (visible light), ultraviolet, X rays, alpha rays, beta rays and finally gamma rays. Gamma is produced in nuclear reactions, have the smallest wavelengths and the most energy of any other wave in the electromagnetic spectrum. They can kill living cells including cancerous cells and can change/ break the DNA molecules of the seeds/eggs of plants and creatures through mutation. Scientist have started applying gamma in creating productive seeds. Natural sources of gamma rays may be one of the reasons for evolution of life on Earth.

The rays-light is immortal waves, created by many stars are traveling in the universe for millions of years and making the drama of the creator complex.

Hold on for a moment. 

Not only light, but all the substances are waves including the creatures on Earth!

How wise the Creative Nature is! It has created light-form waves and given us eyes to see it. It has created sound waves and gave us ears to listen it. It has created touch waves and gave us skin to feel it. It has created taste waves and gave us tongue to taste it. It has created smell waves and gave us nose to smell it. Five elements and five sensory organs. It has created emotional waves and gave us heart to feel it. It has created thought waves and gave us mind to catch and analyse it. The arishadvarga lust, anger, greed, attachment, pride, jealousy are nothing but the waves that control our mind and lead us into action. Nature has added colours into it to see the visible world with different emotions. The same picture will carry different emotions if seen in three different colours Red, Yellow and Blue. 

Each atom has a centre nucleus with positive charge and orbiting electron with negative charge. The lightest atom Hydrogen has only 1 proton in the nucleus (no neutron) and 1 orbiting electron. Other atoms have proton/s and neutron/s in the nucleus and 1 or more electrons orbiting around the centre in one or more energy levels (shells) in different angular momentum. 

118 elements have been discovered; 98 are found in nature and others are synthesised by man. 80 elements have one staple isotope and other 38 exist as radioactive isotopes. Hydrogen of Sun turns into Helium (from 1 electron element to two electron element) through the fusion by sacrificing it's 4 atoms releasing two Sun Rays. Each element is identified with it's atom number (electrons). Carbon has 6 electrons (2 in shell one and 4 in shell two), Nitrogen has 7 electrons (2 in shell one and 5 in shell two) and Oxygen has 8 electrons (2 in shell one and 6 in shell 2). All the elements have been classified in 7 groups as per their orbiting ranges of the electrons in seven shells. More the electrons, more the energy, more reactive. One element short of one electron or have extra electron, it becomes very reactive. Others in between are less than perfectly stable, they react with each other to various degrees. These are the basic male and female (couple) forces of the cosmos vibrating in search of their missing partner and making compounds. Heart beats. Some with their electrons spinning in same directions create magnetic fields and some with opposite spin cancel the fields.

Each atom has the centre (the Sun) and the orbiting electrons (like planets). A family head is a centre of his family with orbiting family members. A leader is a centre with positive charge having negative charges party members orbiting around him/her. A Guru is a positive charge centre for his negative charges followers. The husband-wife, love couple, etc are nothing but the positive and negative charge waves meeting to fill up their deficiencies. Look upon Earth, all living objects feel themselves incomplete and are in search of the elements without which they feel incompleteness. And when they found the match, start pairing and then generate new atoms, new compounds, new substance, new world of their desires.

There are three forces working in the Drama of Creation; positive charge, negative charge and neutral element; active energy, inactive energy and catalyst. Starting from the Cosmic Womb (Hiranya Garbha) to mother's Womb, the objective world has been created with the mix and remix of these three elements. Particles-anti particles, quarks-antiquarks, with positive-negative electrical charge, electromagnetic waves form many combinations. Atoms to amino acids to proteins to a cell are the building blocks of our live of organic world. It's a journey from incompleteness to completeness. Like the objects of Solar system trying to become Sun, Sun is trying to become the centre of the Milky Way. And the Milky way to become the Universe; atoms, objects, creatures, human, gandharva, yaksh, gandharva, nagas, spirits, devas, yoginis, etc; are the waves in the Ocean of the Brahman, the Almighty. All are waves dot to dot in a journey to Completeness.

22 May 2017


  1. What a clarity.Have gone through many religious/science where found the essence felt in this article.


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