Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Akshardham Sanatanam, Adbhutam, Adbhutam

Akshardham Sanatanam, Adbhutam Adbhutam

The amazing 'Akshardham Sanatanam', a Light & Sound Show of 15 minutes presents the journey of 25 years (1992-2017) of Akshardham Temple is an incredible immersive experience. Using the frontal 9 sections and the upper divisions of the temple into one screen and creating 3D effects is really a breathtaking blend of art, images, videos' projection-mapping, laser-lighting, soundscapes and advanced effects. It is an elevating, surreal sensory experience. Akshardham has witnessed all the seasons: the flowers of spring, showers of monsoon and may in future receive snowfall. The Bhavya Akshardham on earth and the Divya Akshardham (abode of Divya Tejomaya Satchidanand) in the sky were presented so beautifully following the description of Akshardham in the Bhajana of Swami Nishkulanand. One won't like to move when the show ends. Feel to remain in it (na kshayati iti akshar:) forever.

Akshardham was thought and willed by Brahmswaroop Yogiji Maharaj while sitting under a Banian Tree in 1970 and was conceptualised and built by Brahaswaroop Pramukh Swami Maharaj. It was inaugurated in November 1992. The creator has left the world on 13 August 2016, but his creation is the Lighthouse of his teachings for millions of BAPS followers and visitors.

Akshardham is not only a building of stones but a revival of the stone architecture of India. The art that was almost dead after the foreigners rule, got life. Few Sompura workers have been multiplied in many to revive this work of art. It is a building beyond stones, a place connect this world with that world, a inspiration place for the millions. We are our stone, chisel and sculptor. We have to build a temple within. To identify our internal enemies and remove them. Each one of us is a stone in raw form and the purpose of life is to carved out a beautiful statue out of it using the chisel of good virtues. We are the sculptor of our temple. How beautifully we make it is in our hand only. Akshardham is a place that inspires the millions to carve their own statues following good virtues of life.

The temple stood firm without a single crack during 7.7 moment magnitude scale Kutch earthquake on 26 January 2001. Instead, the team of Sadhus and Haribhaktas served the victims of earthquake in Kutch for months and provided them with food, relief materials and rehabilitation works. It didn't react to the attack of two armed attackers who killed 30 people and injured more than 80 on 24 September 2002. But see the Sthitpagyata of Bapa Pramukh Swami Maharaj, he told people "not to react". We are not judge, the judge is the God. Our happiness is in the happiness of others. We can't become happy by making others unhappy. He told to give up division of castes and creeds. We can't give pain to others. Our role is to bring happiness in others life. When a person dies, what is his caste and what is his address? All identity vanish. All are equal and are the same. The 90 seconds video of Pramukh Swami presented in the show is the summary of the teachings of BAPS. He was a great teacher, rightly described by late 11th President of India Dr Abdul Kalam. One Hindu and another Musalman, but spirituality united them together as Guru and Disciple. Dr Abdul Kalam has explained his spiritual experiences with Pramukh Swami in his book 'Transcendece'.

Feel tempted to visit the show? Hurry up. It's just 15 minutes screened on the Gandhinagar  Akshardham Mandir every evening from 6.30 to 9.00 pm at regular intervals and open till 29 October 2017.

Jai Swaminarayan.

25 October 2017


  1. Thanks for detailing...Will surely visit

  2. Its really nice to get something written for something truly amazing. Akshardham has changed many lives for better and forever. Jai Swaminarayan


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