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Padmavati Kamala and Devaldevi

Padmavati Kamala and Devaldevi

As per the tale, Padmavati was the exceptionally beautiful queen of King Ratan Sen/Singh of Chitorgarh. She was the princess of Srilanka (Shinhal Kingdom). She had a parrot friend Hudhud/Hiraman. Due to her closeness to the Parrot, when her father tried to kill the Parrot, he flew away and reached in the hand of King Ratan Sen of Chittor by two three transfer purchases. The Parrot described the beauty of Padmavati before the King Ratan Sen, who then went to Singhal Island with an army of 16000 soldiers, defeated King Gandharva Sens and married Padmavati and returned to Chittor.

His Brahmin Courtier Raghav Vyas/Chetan when fired for some reason, he went to Sultan of Delhi Alauddin Khalji's court and told him about the exceptionally beautiful queen Padmavati of King Ratan Sen. Alauddin Khalji then sieged Chittor (1303 CE) to obtain her. When they couldn't get the fort opened, a compromise was made to show the queen through mirror. But after seeing the glimpses of her beauty through mirror, Alauddin didn't want to lose her. In the name of peace treaty, he then captured Ratan Sen deceitfully and took him to Delhi and demanded Padmini in return for his release. Gora and Badal, two loyals of Ratan Sen, produced themselves as Padmavati and her female companions (700 soldiers as litres and porters) before the Sultan and rescued Ratan Sen. Gora was killed in fight but Ratan Sen and Badal returned to Chittor. Meantime, when Ratan Sen was in the imprisonment of the Sultan; Deval, the neighbour king of Kumbhalmer proposed marriage with Padmavati. But when Ratan Sen returned and knew the matter, he had a fight with Deval for the insult and both killed each other in single combat. Meanwhile, Alauddin again invaded Chittor to capture Padmavati but Padmavati and Nagamati performed Johar (self immolation) on Ratan Sen's funeral pyre. Other women also performed Johar to save their honour from the Muslim Sultan and his army.

On the contrary to this story, there is a story of Diwal Rani Khizr Khan (1315 CE) the love story of the princess of Gujarat. Gujarat was under Vaghela (Vyaghra Pallya/ village Vyaghrapalli, near Bhiloda, SK) dynasty from 1244 to 1304 CE. The capital of the kingdom was Dholka (Dhawal Kakka). During the weak regime of Solanki Kings, the Vaghela General/Samanta Lavan Prasad and his son Vir Dhawal became powerful and in 1244, Visal Dev, the son of Vir Dhawal usurped the throne. They became the de-facto ruler of Chaulukya Kingdom. Karan Dev II Vaghela was the last Hindu monarch of Gujarat (1296-1304 CE). Karna Ghelo liked Roopsundari the wife of his minister Madhav. He sent the minister away on a mission, killed his brother and abducted Roopsundari. But Roopsundari killed herself before the King ruins her virtue. Madhava, the minister, then in revenge instigated Alauddin to invade Gujarat. Delhi Sultan Alauddin Khalji invaded Gujarat, defeated Karna Vaghela in 1296 and captured his wife Kamala Devi. Karna Dev ran away to South with his child daughter Deval Devi. After 8 years of her stay in the harem of Alauddin Khalji, Kamala Devi then requested Alauddin to get her daughter Deval Devi to Delhi. Alauddin invaded Gujarat, killed Karna Dev (II) Vaghela and abducted Deval Devi who thereafter was married to Alauddin's eldest son Khizr Khan in 1308. 8 years later, in 1316, Khizr Khan was executed by his brother Qutbuddin Mubarak Shah and Deval Devi was taken into his harem. Shah then was beheaded by Khusho Khan (dhedh) (the last ruler of Khalji dynasty) in 1320 and brought Deval Devi to his harem. After few months rule, Khushro Khan was killed in the same year in 1320. Gujarat, thereafter came under Muslim rule for 500 years till it went to Marathas and then to British before independence.

Sometime, women's beauty is a liability!!!

5 November 2017

Disclaimer: The narrates captured from the tales, literature on screen and in books.


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