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Santosh Dhan

Santosh Dhan

गोधन, गजधन, वाजिधन, और रतन धन खान।
जब आवे संतोष धन, सब धन धूरि समान॥

Poor India is survived for all these years because of this wealth of Santosh. They don’t know or understand their deprivation. We go to them and tell that they are deprived of xyz, disturb their minds and make them the unhappy force running after desires. We are increasing their Dukha by valuing more to their deprivation. Why there is unrest in life? Many people, after getting wealth, position, prestige, etc, still have complaints, still live in dissatisfaction. One can’t get all in one hand. To gain new thing, one has to leave the old one has.

चींटी चावल ले चली, बीच में मिल गई दाल।
कहत कबीरा दो ना मिले, इक ले दूजी डाल॥

We see many people are unable to leave their habits of alcohol, tobacco, running after desires in search of Sukha. The question is, is that an addiction of the object/person? Or it is an addiction of Sukha (the feeling of happiness) he/she is searching for? It is addiction of Sukha.

Sukha and Dukha are the ‘Vriti’ of the mind, and it is in propionate to each other. How much value we give to them decide their strengths to disturb us. Diamond as wealth has very high value but as carbon, no value. It is not the essentiality of life. Something in possession give pain in proportion to the value when lost.

One of our American friend couples was expressing their happiness by showing set of their Rolex watches with their price tag of $50,000. They have purchased the set on their marriage anniversary. Their happiness has value of $ 50,000. If it is lost, they will feel more Dukha compared to the person who has purchased his watch of $5 and lost. The time is the same in both the sets of watches, but the value of Sukha and Dukha are different. We cry for losing our parents but don’t cry for the death of the parents of others. Because our Vriti has valued them differently. The object, position or person in possession doesn’t give Sukha because the pain of losing it, is very much building in the back of mind.

If people are happy with what they have and see the deprived compared to them, then whole of the run will stop. Their expectations from the life will diminish. Instead of Growth Index, they will measure Happiness Index.

Expectations reduce Joy. We don’t enjoy happiness with what we have but feel unhappy with what we don’t have. भाव का सुख नहीं और अभाव का दु:ख।

Let us visit two Subhashitas.

सर्पाः पिबन्ति पवनं न च दुर्बलास्ते, शुष्कैस्तृणैः वनगजा बलिनो भवन्ति । रुक्षाशनेन मुनयः क्षपयन्ति कालम्, सन्तोष एव पुरुषस्य परं निधानम् ॥
(सर्प पवन पीकर भी दुर्बल नहि है, जंगली हाथी सूखा घास खाकर भी बलवान बनते हैं, मुनि रुखा खुराक खाकर जिंदगी निकालते हैं । संतोष हि मनुष्य का परम् खजाना है ।)

सन्तोषः परमो लाभः सत्सङ्गः परमा गतिः । विचारः परमं ज्ञानं शमो हि परमं सुखम् ॥

(संतोष परम् लाभ है, सत्संग परम् गति है, विचार परम् ज्ञान है, और शम परम् सुख है ।)

Santosh/Santushthi is the master key to resolve all the dilemmas.

25 November 2017


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