Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Do you fart?

Do you fart?

All creatures fart, whether humans, animals or birds. But do you count, how many times you fart in a day? Do you remember the song of Dhak dhak girl, Madhuri, ek do tin, ..... bara tera.. (1-2-3, 4-5-6-7, 8-9-10-11, 12-13)? 13 plus 1, 14 is the perfect count of farts in a day by a healthy human. 

There was a Chief Engineer Mechanical in GSRTC. All of us have developed a habit to sit in a closed AC chamber. Whenever I used to call him for some discussion, he had a habit to fart in the chamber. Others may be farting as well and it is difficult to judge who farted. But each person has different odour according to the centre of gas production in the intestines. That man was farting sulphur, the unbearable odour, as his gas centre was in the large intestine. I had to stop him calling for the meeting finally. Thereafter, I have developed a habit to keep the windows of my chamber open to get fresh air continuously in the chamber.

All of us are connected in the Ocean of Air, inhaling and exhaling from the lot. Who is away from whom? We may keep our bodies away, but the air connects us well.

Remember, farting is good for health. One should fart 14 times in a day. If not, there is something wrong with the digestive system, clean up the intestinal track. Better to fast for right number of fart. The sound and odour of the fart decides the health of individual. 

There is proverb:

धड़ाक पादम बहुत गंधम्, धडफाधडफी मध्यम;
ठूसकम ठूसकम प्राणघातम, सूरूरसूर सत्यानाशम। 

Whether Uttam, Madhyam or Kanishtha, go on farting. It us good for health. Lol 😆 

14 September 2017

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