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Chitta Vriti (Chitragupta Account)

Chitta Vriti (Chitragupta Account)

“Yoga chitta vritti nirodha” is a famous sentence of Patanjali Yog Sutra. The vritis are the waves, the disturbance to the calm water of mind. They are to be subsided through the practice of Yoga (ashtang yoga) so that the mind rests in the bottom silence.

चित वृत्ति is the base of all the religious practices in the world. Indian religions believe in the theory of rebirth. Chitta (the book of Chitragupta) is our Account book that records all our experiences of life. We do all our karmas with attachment and ownership, therefore, the recording is deep and carry as balance sheets of all the lives. At the time of death the physical body is left by the subtle body (consists of mind, wisdom, chitta, ego), the chitta carry the last vriti (desire) of the past life and take rebirth with new body to fulfil that desire. It’s a cycle of millions of births and rebirths. Till the experiences or karmas recorded on Chitta are not cleared, the cycle of births and rebirths doesn’t end. The meditation of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism is the exercise to remove these recording by removing the thoughts.

There is rebirth. Birth, life and death are the experiences full of sufferings.

Why rebirth?
Because of karmas did with attachment.

What is life?
Full of sufferings.

Why suffering?
Because of Raga (lust) and Dwesha (hatred).

Why Raga and Dwesha?
Because of desires.

Why desires?
Because of thoughts.

Therefore, unless the process of thought is not broken, the cycle continues.

Dhayana is Adhyatma. Adi+Atma. To be with Atma. With observations and witnessing the thoughts, slowly the bucket full of thoughts get emptied. And if new karmas/recording are not added in the Chitta book of Accounts, the moksha/salvation/nirvan/kaivalya is attained. Freedom from the cycle of births and rebirths.

Famous Gujarati Kavi Narsinh Mehta in his Bhakti life in love of Lord Krishna sung: हरिना जन तो मुक्ति ना माँगे, माँगे जन्म जन्म अवतार रे। If someone is confident like Narsinh Mehta for continuing Bhakti Life can afford to demand rebirths, but those who want freedom can follow the path of meditation.

ध्यानं शरणं गच्छामि।

26 November 2017

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